Future Students

Conducting A College Search

As students plan for life after high school, they may consider a number of possibilities.  Work, travel, military service, community college, tribal college, vocational or technical school, small university or large university may be a few of the choices.  This planning sheet is designed to help students and parents conduct a college search.


Academic Programs and Issues


Two Year (Associate Degree) or Four Year (Bachelor's Degree)
Majors Offered
Academic Reputation
General Education Program
Student/Faculty Ratio
Study Abroad Opportunities
Teaching Assistants or Professors
Class Size
Cooperative Education/Internships




Tuition and Fees
Room and Board
Work Opportunities
Affordability/Setting a Realistic Budget




Academic Advising

Academic Support
Career Services/Placement
Disability Support Services
Financial Aid



Campus Life


Campus Facilities
Demographics of the Student Population
Housing and Residential Life
Student Organizations
Student Activities
Student Leadership Opportunities
Intramural and/or Recreational Sports
Community Service Opportunities
Safety and Security
Athletic Programs




Rural or Urban Setting
Size of City
Employment Opportunities
Location of University




Public or Private
Admission Requirements
ACT or SAT Scores Required
Campus Visits


Web Site Information
  • finaid.org - The Financial Aid Information Page
  • fafsa.ed.gov - Electronic Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.aspx U.S. Universities Listed by State.
  • collegeboard.org - College Board Web Page. This provides a very nice guide to planning for college.
  • safmt.org - Student Assistance Foundation of Montana. This is an excellent site with information about financial aid and careers.