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The Montana State University Billings Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to attract bright and highly motivated students to Montana State University Billings.  The scholarship program has two goals:  to encourage students to remain in the state to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degree programs leading to professional careers, and to make the dream of a college education possible for students of limited financial means.

The Foundation's programs consist of both annual and endowed scholarships.  Benefactors to the program have three giving options:

The Pooled Scholarship Fund

Gifts of less than $500 may be placed in the General Scholarship Fund that awards annual scholarships based on the total gifts donated during the year; or, may be pooled with an existing Named Annual Scholarship fund.  The Pooled Scholarship Fund gives benefactors who are unable to fund their own scholarships the opportunity to be part of the Scholarship Program.

Named Annual Scholarships

Benefactors pledging $500 annually enjoy the opportunity of naming their scholarship in honor of family members, businesses, etc.  Benefactors may also design their own criteria including variables such as grade point expectations, geographical preferences, financial need, and academic course of study. These scholarships often reflect the values and priorities of the contributors. Annual scholarships are continued at the discretion of the benefactor.

Named Endowed Scholarships

A major goal of the Scholarship Program is to create endowed funds as a permanent source of financial support for students in future years.  The Named Endowments also offer benefactors great flexibility in criteria, selection, and administration.  Named Endowments require a minimum investment of $10,000 that may be given in one sum or paid over five years in annual contributions.  Once the $10,000 level is reached, the endowment provides annual awards based on the Foundation’s 4.5% distribution policy with keeps the base value of the gift intact to produce scholarships in perpetuity.


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2015 Chancellor Scholars

The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are Montana State University Billings’ most prestigious scholarship awards, recognizing academic achievement as well as leadership qualities.  Each spring, the Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are awarded to high-achieving freshmen entering Montana State University Billings for the upcoming fall.  Recipients receive $3,000 per academic year.  Chancellor’s Scholars who meet or exceed all award criteria may have their awards renewed for four years for a maximum award of $12,000.  Chancellor’s Scholars are the best and brightest at Montana State University Billings: today’s campus leaders and tomorrow’s influential citizens.


2015 Chancellors Scholars

Group photo, from left to right:
Chancellor Mark Nook, Shelby Martinell, Miranda McNeil, Rio Frame, Jinise Osborne Trueblood, McKenna Myers, Shiloh Skillen-Robison, Michelle Williams, Lana Farr, Mollie Carty, Sarah Haight, and Ryan Reddick




Alexis Powell

You scholarship is making it possible for me to attend school without going into extensive debt. Because of lack of money I have come to value education and its worth. I appreciate education now on a deeper level than I did before. I realize it is solely up to me to have an education and go places in life. Organizations like yours are like another family; it gives students and the economy as a whole the ability to extend and grow. Thank you so much for your donation. It is helping my dram to graduate college possible and to give back to my community with my field of work.

Alexis Powell, Psychology major
Nicholson Single Parent Scholarship

Casey Kennedy

My appreciation for you and others alike goes beyond words. Neither of my parents went to college so it has always been really important to not only me, but also to them, that I seek a higher education. Unfortunately, they have not been able to help me pay for school and I would not have been able to finance my education without help from generous individuals like you. I am incredibly grateful to you. My experience at MSUB has made a huge impact in my life. The level of commitment to education displayed by the faculty is exceptional and it has been a great privilege to learn from them. MSUB has helped culture the person I am and inspired me to pursue a dream I* never imagined possible. I love learning and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to gain a higher education. Thank you again for helping to make that possible!

Casey Kennedy
Energy Laboratories Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

David Kobold

I cannot put into the words the feelings that I felt upon receiving notification of this generous scholarship. It has given me the hope that good things come to those that work for it. I am currently a full-time single parent raising two teen-age daughters and trying to work enough to support us. The flexibility that MSUB offers allows me to work and study at a pace that I can keep up with, which sometimes is much easier than keeping up with two teen daughters. I was struggling to find ways to come up with tuition this year without getting deeper in debt with student loans. This scholarship is a blessing and an answer to my prayers. Thank you so much for this gift.

David Kobold
Wine Festival Recognition Scholarship

David Kobold

I am a single mother with two young daughters and I also work full-time while doing online classes. I constantly stress about juggling my finances with two small children, bills, and paying for school. However, this scholarship has given the motivation and desire to finish sooner than later. The master’s degree program I am in now is a way to secure my finances in the future as it will unlock many doors for me in my professional career. I feel this letter does little to express my full gratitude and appreciation for being awarded a scholarship and I would again just like to simply say THANK YOU!

Jonnalea Tatsey
Wine Festival Recognition Scholarship

Seth Robertus

As a recipient of the Health & Human Performance & Promotion Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Ernesto A. Randolfi, I want to thank you. I appreciate the honor as well as the financial benefit in receiving this award. The additional funding to cover college expenses is beneficial and it is extra rewarding coming from an EMC alumni. Thank you for investing in this generation of students.

Seth Robertus
Health & Human Performance & Promotion Endowed Scholarship

Nick Niehenke

I received a scholarship from NorthWestern Energy to benefit my experience in the welding program at City College. I want to thank everyone who made this scholarship opportunity possible for me. Welding is a very important part of my life, and I appreciate your support to help me achieve my goal of becoming a successful tradesman. Your generosity and assistance encourages people like me to help make the world a better place for everyone else.

Nick Niehenke
NorthWestern Energy Welding Scholarship