The Montana State University Billings Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to attract bright and highly motivated students to Montana State University-Billings.  The scholarship program has two goals:  to encourage students to remain in the state to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degree programs leading to professional careers, and to make the dream of a college education possible for students of limited financial means.

The Foundation's programs consist of both annual and endowed scholarships.  Benefactors to the program have three giving options:

The Pooled Scholarship Fund
Gifts of less than $500 may be placed in the General Scholarship Fund that awards annual scholarships based on the total gifts donated during the year; or, may be pooled with an existing Named Annual Scholarship fund.  The Pooled Scholarship Fund gives benefactors who are unable to fund their own scholarships the opportunity to be part of the Scholarship Program.

Named Annual Scholarships
Benefactors pledging $500 annually enjoy the opportunity of naming their scholarship in honor of family members, businesses, etc.  Benefactors may also design their own criteria including variables such as grade point expectations, geographical preferences, financial need, and academic course of study. These scholarships often reflect the values and priorities of the contributors. Annual scholarships are continued at the discretion of the benefactor.

Named Endowed Scholarships
A major goal of the Scholarship Program is to create endowed funds as a permanent source of financial support for students in future years.  The Named Endowments also offer benefactors great flexibility in criteria, selection, and administration.  Named Endowments require a minimum investment of $10,000 that may be given in one sum or paid over five years in annual contributions.  Once the $10,000 level is reached, the endowment provides annual awards based on the Foundation’s 4.5% distribution policy with keeps the base value of the gift intact to produce scholarships in perpetuity.

""To apply for scholarships, please click here.

2014 Chancellor Scholars

The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are Montana State University Billings’ most prestigious scholarship awards, recognizing academic achievement as well as leadership qualities.  Each spring, the Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are awarded to high-achieving freshmen entering Montana State University Billings for the upcoming fall.  Recipients receive $3,000 per academic year.  Chancellor’s Scholars who meet or exceed all award criteria may have their awards renewed for four years for a maximum award of $12,000.  Chancellor’s Scholars are the best and brightest at Montana State University Billings: today’s campus leaders and tomorrow’s influential citizens.

2012 Chancellors Scholars

Group photo, from left to right:
Leonie Gelfarth; Tess Mitchell; Sarah Haight; Brianne DePuydt; Emma Guyer; Chancellor Mark Nook; Miranda McNeil; Shelby Martinell; Mollie Carty; Audrey Econom;  Jinise Osborne and Rio Fame. Not pictured: Ryan Reddick.

From our previous scholarship recipients...

Mary Grace Bywater

Words cannot express my immense gratitude for making this scholarship possible. I promise to work hard these next few years and dedicate myself to my future endeavors in school and in softball.  Thank you for believing in my potential as a student, a player, and future contributor to society.  I look forward to filling my college years with memories and rewarding experiences.

Mary Grace Bywater
PPL Montana Women’s Softball Endowed Scholarship

Lewis Polkow

Thank you for your financial support of my educational goals. I am truly grateful to receive this scholarship. MSU Billings has a top of the line teacher education program. I hope one day to return the opportunity you have given me by encouraging and educating students to lead successful lives of their own. Thank you again.

Lewis William Polkow
Terry C. Johnston Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Anna Hovland

I cannot thank you enough for this generous scholarship. I have just finished up my freshman year and I have absolutely loved everything about MSU Billings. I love the friendly faculty, the close-knit campus community, and best of all, the elementary education program. From the first day of class, I knew I had chosen the right major.  Every professor I’ve had thus far has been extremely helpful and incredibly insightful. Being an elementary teacher has always been my dream. Thanks to the blessing of your scholarship, that dream is developing into a reality. Thank you so much for your generous gift.  I appreciate it more than you know.

 Anna Hovland
 Haynes Foundation Recognition Scholarship

Desja Eagle Tail

I am excited to be here at MSU Billings, to be learning new concepts and stretching myself intellectually and ability-wise. I feel at home in the MSU Billings music department, among people who love music as much as I do. Thank you for helping me realize my dream and enrich my life through education.

Desja Eagle Tail
Gail L. Maryott Music Endowed Scholarship

Kelsey Clark

Over the past couple of years, I have experienced all of the great things Montana State University Billings has to offer, including exceptional faculty and staff. This university has a wonderful reputation and continues to push me to do my best, not only academically, but as an individual.  I am honored to be chosen to receive this scholarship. Your incredible generosity will help me continue to work hard in college, and to one day give back to the school, just as you have done. Thank you.

Kelsey Clark
Wine Festival Recognition Scholarship

Lisa Beus

I am honored to receive this scholarship. It was a leap of faith to return to school, not knowing if I could manage to keep afloat financially. Yet, at every turn, I have found that people who have believed in me. Most of my fellow classmates are my own children’s age or younger, but I find them to be accepting of me as I began to study and collaborate with them on projects. They said that they felt like I was a great help to them in their studies, but truly they were my guiding stars. Thank you for giving me this scholarship. My roots are in Montana. I want to settle and teach in a rural community, wrapping myself into the fabric of a small town.

Lisa Beus
PEO Chapter BL Scholarship

Jacob Letman

College was always something that I not only wanted to do, but had to do.  The only obstacle that has stood in my way has been finances. Unfortunately, my parents have not been able to help support me financially, which has left me searching for any avenue I can find to pay my way through college. I’m not ashamed to tell you that the night after receiving this scholarship I cried tears of joy, because for the first time in my life I knew I would be entering a year without a financial burden hanging over my head. Thank you so much.

Jacob Letman
John F. and Winifred M. Griffith Endowed Scholarship

Taylar Keller

The reason why I chose the MSU Billings College of Technology was because of the warmth and comfort the school gave me the first time I walked through the doors. Immediately, there was a woman who asked if she could help me.  This was my first impression of my future.  For every question we asked, there was an answer. This has proven to me that the MSU Billings City College stands behind everything they say about educational success. Thank you for choosing me as the recipient of this scholarship.

Taylar Keller
Montana Collision Repair Specialists Scholarship

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