The Montana State University Billings Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to attract bright and highly motivated students to Montana State University Billings.  The scholarship program has two goals:  to encourage students to remain in the state to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degree programs leading to professional careers, and to make the dream of a college education possible for students of limited financial means.


The Foundation's programs consist of both annual and endowed scholarships.  Benefactors to the program have three giving options:

The Pooled Scholarship Fund

Gifts of less than $500 may be placed in the General Scholarship Fund that awards annual scholarships based on the total gifts donated during the year; or, may be pooled with an existing Named Annual Scholarship fund.  The Pooled Scholarship Fund gives benefactors who are unable to fund their own scholarships the opportunity to be part of the Scholarship Program.

Named Annual Scholarships

Benefactors pledging $500 annually enjoy the opportunity of naming their scholarship in honor of family members, businesses, etc.  Benefactors may also design their own criteria including variables such as grade point expectations, geographical preferences, financial need, and academic course of study. These scholarships often reflect the values and priorities of the contributors. Annual scholarships are continued at the discretion of the benefactor.

Named Endowed Scholarships

A major goal of the Scholarship Program is to create endowed funds as a permanent source of financial support for students in future years.  The Named Endowments also offer benefactors great flexibility in criteria, selection, and administration.  Named Endowments require a minimum investment of $10,000 that may be given in one sum or paid over five years in annual contributions.  Once the $10,000 level is reached, the endowment provides annual awards based on the Foundation’s 4.5% distribution policy with keeps the base value of the gift intact to produce scholarships in perpetuity.


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2015 Chancellor Scholars

The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are Montana State University Billings’ most prestigious scholarship awards, recognizing academic achievement as well as leadership qualities.  Each spring, the Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are awarded to high-achieving freshmen entering Montana State University Billings for the upcoming fall.  Recipients receive $3,000 per academic year.  Chancellor’s Scholars who meet or exceed all award criteria may have their awards renewed for four years for a maximum award of $12,000.  Chancellor’s Scholars are the best and brightest at Montana State University Billings: today’s campus leaders and tomorrow’s influential citizens.


2014 Chancellors Scholars

Group photo, from left to right:
Chancellor Mark Nook, Shelby Martinell, Miranda McNeil, Rio Frame, Jinise Osborne Trueblood, McKenna Myers, Shiloh Skillen-Robison, Michelle Williams, Lana Farr, Mollie Carty, Sarah Haight, and Ryan Reddick



I cannot explain how much this scholarship means to me in nearly the full detail you deserve. Paying for college is achievable now thanks to you. I look forward to studying at MSU Billings because I know it will pose as the bridge between me and becoming a firefighter or paramedic. I am majoring in Fire Science and Paramedics as a dual Associates degree for a total of four years of schooling. The Wine Festival Recognition Scholarship is going to make paying for college doable.


Ethan Axten, Fire Science major
Wine Festival Recognition, Exchange Clubs of Billings Healing Field Endowed Scholarship



I did not have the pleasure to have been taught by Sue Hart, but those who knew her speak highly of her and her accomplishments. I believe it is my loss for having been unable to have known her personally, but I am thankful for the legacy she leaves behind. With the help of the Sue Hart Opportunity Scholarship, I will have some of the financial burden removed so I can focus more on my studies. The cost for college is extreme and the cost to raise a family is difficult even in the right conditions. Sometimes the burden to provide for the family at the cost of education seems more appropriate, but as most who have completed college will testify, it is all worth it in the end. Once again, thank you for providing me with an opportunity to succeed through this wonderful scholarship. It is my hope that I can be someone like Sue was – someone who makes a difference in the lives of those they teach.


Virginia Norris, Sociology major/Psychology minor
Sue Hart Opportunity Endowed Scholarship



Thank you so much for selecting me as the 2015 recipient of the Cheryl Jean Miller-Bodley Memorial Nursing Scholarship. Your generosity in remembrance of Cheryl has helped allow me the opportunity to pursue my Associates degree as a Registered Nurse through City College’s ASN program. Throughout my clinical experiences, one of the things that most impressed me about the nurses serving Billings has been how eager they are to share their knowledge with those entering the profession. It has taught me that nursing truly is a combination of knowledge and caring, critical thinking and passion. Your gift has helped me to pursue my dream of being part of a profession where we have the opportunity daily to impact lives. I truly feel fortunate for the growth and experiences that higher education has provided me. Thank you for your kindness and for your continued support of students at MSU Billings.


Ciera Bellamy, Nursing major
Cheryl Jean Miler-Bodley Memorial Nursing Scholarship



I appreciate the trust and resources that have been given to me for both practical and personal reasons. I am grateful for the Opportunity Scholarship for the financial support it will provide my family during this time of balancing work and school. Also, in my life I have come to value the principle of doing something kind without being found out. Being the recipient of this assistance reminds me of this principle and touches me personally. I chose the Master of Science in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program at MSU Billings because I knew it would be excellent program and because of my interest in disability studies. I live in Bozeman and take all my graduate classes online, with the exception of the practicums which I will do in Billings during the summers. For work, I teach Italian language classes and I am a certified Rolfer (a type of therapeutic massage). I also volunteer with kids participating in the downhill ski program through Eagle Mount. All my work and my volunteering have a high degree of interpersonal interaction. This is where I thrive. When I graduate, I plan to work in private practice helping people with disabilities. Thank you very much for this touching act of generosity. I will do everything I can to be worthy of it.

Ann Maurine Matney, MS of Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Opportunity Scholarship



Thank you very much for awarding me the Rob McCarvel Memorial Endowed Scholarship. I’m a pitcher on the MSU Billings baseball team, and while I originally came to MSUB to continue my athletic career, I have really come to enjoy how the science department has served my academic endeavors as well. There is no denying that majoring in any of the sciences is quite an undertaking, and I think it’s outstanding that you are so kind and willing to recognize and assist with the academic efforts of science students. I personally promise to make every cent of this scholarship count as I strive to complete my education in the most honorable way possible. You have made the burden of financing a college education that much lighter, and I can’t thank you enough.


Drew Christina, Chemistry major
Rob McCarvel Memorial Endowed Scholarship



I want to personally thank you for your generosity in selecting me as the recipient of the Veraldi Family Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship will help me to focus less on my financial worries and more on my academics. After spending most of my life in Billings, I am proud to call MSU Billings my college of choice. I have learned so much while pursuing my education in Business Management and Marketing, and am planning to obtain my MBA after my four-year stay at MSUB. As well as being a full-time student I am also working part-time to help pay for my education. Your scholarship will help ease this burden even more. I want to thank you for granting me the opportunity to receive the Veraldi Family Endowed Scholarship and work toward a career I never imagined to have. Your belief in me means more than the ink on this paper can describe. Your contribution is turning that dream into more of a reality every day.


Samantha Doane, Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management
Veraldi Family Endowed Scholarship



I am so thankful for the generosity of the Abrahamson Family Endowed Scholarship and want to personally thank you for the honor. I chose MSU Billings to fulfill my dreams of becoming a professional musician because the Music Department has an incredible, supportive, knowledgeable, talented and inspiring staff. The student body, public attendance to performances, and professors are the best people to surround myself with in order to accomplish my dreams. I not only plan on receiving my bachelor’s degree in music performance, but to take my drive further and go to graduate school. I want to become a professor and teach students who are pursuing their dreams as well. With this scholarship, I am able to focus on my developing skill as a professional musician, educate myself in musical knowledge and history, and provide not only an outstanding performance reputation but also a reliable source toward music education. This means the absolute world to me.


Tyler Briceno, Music Performance major – Percussion
Abrahamson Family Endowed Scholarship



I cannot say thank you more or enough for this award. I cannot tell you how much of an assistance this has brought to me. I am honored. I came to Billings on a chance to run cross country and track and achieve a degree at MSU Billings. I recently settled into Outdoor Adventure Leadership with a minor in Business Administration. It’s an interesting combination that I hope one day will help people in a therapeutic setting and aid in creating a better life for others. MSU Billings has shaped me into the person I want to be and has shown me the potential I have as a person. I keep learning about the world and about myself. I cannot ask for more from a school. Thank you again for such a great award and most of all for believing in me. In a promise to you and myself, I will make a difference in the world. I will make things brighter and better for future generations. You have given me inspiration and aided in my future. Thank you!


Josh Panasuk, Outdoor Adventure Leadership major/Business Administration minor

Collegiate License Plate Endowed Scholarship








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