Dr. David Davison- “Giving back to the profession for what it has given to me.”

"" Dr. David Davison was born and raised in Australia where his love for mathematics initially developed as an undergraduate. In the early 1970’s, Dr. Davison traveled to the United States, where he furthered his education in graduate school at the University of Illinois. There he not only received his masters and doctorate in mathematic education, but he also met and married the love of his life. Upon graduation both he and his wife, Chubbins, traveled back to Australia where they lived for three years.

“My wife loved Australia but she missed her family and after both of my parents passed away I thought we should try our fortunes in the U.S.” Davison said.

In May 1977, their fortunes led them to Billings on a rainy September afternoon. Dr. Davison remembered, turning to his wife and saying, “Guess this will do for a year.” “Billings is a place that grows on you. It’s our home.” Dr. Davison retired in December 2009 after thirty- two years of teaching at Montana State University Billings. He was a mentor and father figure to many at the university’s Department of Educational Theory and Practice.

Dr. Davison was hired at then Eastern Montana College, where he was very impressed with the “neat, tidy, compact campus.” David’s primary focus was math for elementary teachers, teaching math content and methods. There are two types of students whom Dr. Davison especially identified with, “the student who had a passion for wanting to make math understandable for children and the student who was fearful of math. I like to help them to overcome that fear,” Davison said.

“I had a full-time student who was a single mother that was only able to stay enrolled at the university with financial assistance. That’s a tough row to hoe,” said Dr. Davison. “She is the type of student I want to help.” And he will. As a way to give back to the profession for what it has given him, he and his wife established the “David & Chubbins Davison Mathematics Education Scholarship Endowment.” By establishing an endowed scholarship with the MSU Billings Foundation, Dr. Davison will impact and change the lives of many students.

On December 12, 2011, Dr. David Davison passed away.  His presence, his comradeship and his work will be missed.

You too can make a dream of helping others become a reality. The Davidsons’ generosity is not only helping students, but by structuring their contribution in the form of a deferred gift annuity; they received substantial tax savings through the Montana State Tax Credit for Endowed Philanthropy. With their endowment, David and Chubbins created a future legacy for Montana State University Billings students.

Gift Annuities also can be used to provide a reliable income stream in retirement. For more information about endowments, gift annuities or planned gifts contact contact Kathie Riggs, Development Officer, or Jon Egeland, CFO, at (406)-657-2244 or (888)-430-6782. If you prefer you can also email Kathie at or Jon Egeland at for questions about structuring your gift to Montana State University Billings.

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