MSU Billings Foundation

The Impact of Private Support

Private giving helps make it possible for the University to transform the lives of those who are touched by its teaching, research and public service. Student scholarships, money for creative faculty endeavors, research and development, and funds for instructional equipment, laboratory facilities, technology enhancements and state of the art classrooms are a few of the ways private dollars are used on campus.


Every year, MSU Billings benefits from the generosity of thousands of contributors. Their reasons for giving vary as widely as their interests and their financial circumstances. What they all have in common is the desire to help make a great university even greater, to help students change their lives. If you share that desire, you might be surprised to learn how many options are available to you.


If you would like to discuss a gift call (800) 430-MSUB or to make an online donation, please click here to visit our secure site.

Marilynn Miller

Marilynn Miller established the Marilynn F. Miller Opportunity Endowed Scholarship in December 2010 as part of her commitment to the Foundation’s then current fundraising campaign, The Opportunity Campaign for MSU Billings Scholarships. The scholarship leaves a legacy representing the values and ideals that fueled her more than 25-year storied career as a professional fundraiser... read more.
Sue and Eakle
Eakle and Sue Barfield have faithfully served Montana State University Billings in two very different, but equally important, roles. Sue has been a professor in the College of Education for 15 years, teaching music and educational theory and practice; Eakle will retire from his 16-year position as Facility Services Director in December 2012... read more.
Bill and Marilyn
Bill and Marilyn Simmons believe every person has a dream. Bill says, “Sometimes it is right there, ready to be verbalized; other times it is deeper, and requires more time to come out. But there is always a dream.” This conviction, along with years of experience, led Bill and Marilyn to contribute to the Opportunity Campaign for MSU Billings Scholarships... read more.
Over 500 students have received the opportunity to attend MSU Billings through the generosity of Mary Muth who in 1983, established the John Weinschrott Memorial Endowed Scholarship at MSU Billings in memory of her father. Mary’s belief in the importance of how education can changes lives was further demonstrated in the planned gift the MSU Billings Foundation received from Mary’s estate... read more.
Mary Jane
The Merry Jane Trewhella Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established after Merry Jane’s life was tragically ended by a drunk driver in 2010. However, the spirit and intent of the scholarship is to celebrate her life, her love of education, and her family’s connection to Montana State University Billings rather than to dwell on the tragedy of her death... read more.
Clancy Connolly (’14) is a first-generation college nursing student attending the College of Technology at Montana State University Billings. Every time she cracks a book to study or takes a test, she is reminded that she is one step closer to reaching her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse because of the Badovinac Family Scholarship... read more.