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The Impact of Private Support

Darryl & Jamie Rensmon

In 1992, Darryl and Jamie Rensmon were living in Phoenix, Arizona and were offered the opportunity to move to Billings, Montana by Morrison-Maierle, Inc, a top 500 engineering firm. Darryl attended Arizona State University, studying aerospace engineering before pursuing his computer interests in design for consulting engineers. Jamie received her associate’s degree in data processing from Arizona Institute of Business Technology.


The move to Billings represented the chance to raise their family in a smaller community and for Darryl to continue his education in the information systems field. The Rensmons’ move to Billings also represented the beginning of Darryl’s relationship with MSU-Billings that has grown from student to valued volunteer and donor.


Darryl began working toward his bachelor’s of science degree in Business with an Information Systems emphasis at MSU Billings shortly after moving to Montana. Being one of the many non-traditional students on the campus, Darryl juggled a full-time job, family and classes. Jamie was the “glue” that kept it all together. In 1999, Darryl completed his degree.


Darryl saw many students, like himself, working to make better lives for themselves and their families. MSU Billings provided the vehicle to do that. Once Darryl’s degree was complete, the Rensmons felt that it was time to give back and help to enrich others lives. Darryl and Jamie recognized the blessings in their lives that their educations had provided to them. Darryl had advanced from a Senior Transportation Designer with Morrison-Maierle, Inc. to the Billings Office Information Systems Coordinator. In 2000, he was named Director of Information Systems for Morrison-Maierle, Inc., became Chief Information Officer in 2003, and most recently was named President of Morrison-Maierle Systems Corporation, a network, web services, and technology subsidiary of Morrison-Maierle, Inc.


Firm believers in giving back for the betterment of others and sharing a passion for children and education, Darryl and Jamie felt that being involved in the MSU Billings Alumni Association was one way to work toward assisting those many students who were working so hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. Darryl became involved, working many hours on committees and serving as an officer on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. He found many other alumni with that same commitment and vision. Darryl also found that the lack of funding hindered the Alumni Association’s growth and activities. He saw that, for the organization to have a significant impact, funding would be needed to grow the finances of the association so staff and programs could expand.


The Rensmons


The People, Pride and Promise Campaign provided the way for Darryl and Jamie to assist in the growth and development of the MSU Billings Alumni Association, by being the first donors to designate their gift to the MSU Billings Alumni Association Operating Endowment. The Rensmons hope their contribution will be the catalyst in encouraging others to take a step toward ensuring the long-term growth and stability of the Alumni Association and providing additional opportunities to support current students and graduates.


Darryl and Jamie Rensmon are a great team working for their passions and giving back so others can succeed. 

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