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The MSU Billings Foundation Campaign for Scholarships

This exciting three-year, six million dollar campaign is designed to successfully secure needed financial resources for current and future generations of students.  Increasing scholarship support and work-study opportunities for students of all financial circumstance and background are the best investments the university can make in the future of our community, Montana and beyond.

As a regional comprehensive university in an urban setting, Montana State University Billings is consistently ranked as one of the best educational values in the northwest. Unfortunately, financial need all too often eliminates many students from obtaining the top-notch education available at MSU Billings.  Every student unable to pursue an MSU Billings education leaves behind unrealized potential and a dream unfulfilled.  

The exclusive focus of The Opportunity Campaign is our students – not buildings, faculty, equipment or technology.  We intend to increase existing scholarship endowments, create scholarships tailored to part-time students, establish scholarships for many of the two-year programs at the college of technology, and fund a university work-study program.  With these resources we believe that no qualified student will be excluded from the opportunity to obtain an MSU Billings education for lack of funds.

Who are these students who struggle so hard to achieve their educational goals?  With slightly over 5,000 students, the following profile emerges for MSU Billings:

  • Fifty-eight percent are first generation college students – neither parent has a college education. 
  • Sixty-four percent of students are women. 
  • A majority of students receive some form of financial assistance.
  • Eighty percent of MSU Billings students have a job and 67% of those students work 30 or more hours a week.  As a result, many students are part-time.
  • Thirty-three percent of our students are single parents. 

The stories of our scholarship recipients are poignant reminders of lives changed forever through higher education.  Students come to MSU Billings with expectations of success, dreams of productive and rewarding careers, and bright futures for themselves and their families.  Investing in scholarships makes students’ dreams a reality. That investment also fulfills the dreams of many employers throughout the community, state and nation by providing future teachers, surgical and radiological technicians, entrepreneurs, nurses, artists, accountants, financiers, individuals trained in the energy and construction industries, medical assistants, or auto technicians. 

As we enter this campaign, we look forward to widening our circle of alumni, donors and friends who believe that shaping graduates of competence and character will result in a better community, state, and world.  We hope you will join us.

Think of the difference you can make.

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