Beardsley Society

Beardsley Society members met on campus for an Appreciation Luncheon June more.

“Only the imprint we make on the lives of others is important, and I know I have left that on the minds of so many and that is why I leave my estate for scholarship.” Charles Beardsley

photo of Dr. BeardsleyCharles Beardsley, the first male graduate of Eastern Normal School in 1929, lived this philosophy to its fullest.  He reached across social class, religion, and race to bring his love and appreciation for music and the arts to the people he encountered.

The spirit of Dr. Beardsley’s generosity and desire to help others continues even after his death in January, 2002, at the age of 91.  His generous estate gift, planned in advance and valued at more than $500,000, will provide scholarships for students studying art, music, or Native American studies at Montana State University-Billings.

In gratitude for the philanthropic legacy of Charles Beardsley, in recognition of his deep commitment to humankind, and with the desire to honor all individuals who have made plans to benefit Montana State University-Billings and its students, the MSU Billings Foundation has established the Beardsley Society for other donors whose motivations emulate Charles’ example.

Membership in the Beardsley Society requires only that MSU Billings Foundation is included in your gift planning, i.e., your Will or Living Trust bequest, a Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Life Estate agreement, Charitable Lead Trust, or gift of a life insurance policy or commercial annuity.  (These methods of gift-giving are called “planned gifts” or “deferred gifts.”)

Karen E. Abrahamson+
Viola A. Abrams
Elaine+ & Walter Anderson+
Eric R. Anderson+
Thresta Balkwill+
Eakle & Dr. Sue Barfield
Frances S. Barker+
Charles Beardsley+
Jeanette J. Bieber
Erna Blehm
Bruce J. Brodie
Bill Brown & Amy Gibler Brown
Troy A. Bruce
Richard & Jeanne Buckley
Ashley & Doug Burleson
Allyn Calton
Ernestine Jarussi Cameron+
Bob & Joan Carr
Dan & Lynn '04 Carter
John & Victoria Cech
Linda Christensen
Vicki & Phillip Christman
Nick & Linda Cladis
Rudy Clark+
Julie L. Coleman
Dennis & Jan Conner
Keith Cook '72
Ralph K. Cook
C. Rockne & Rebecca Copple
Jennifer Brevik Corning & Steven Corning
Patricia L. Cremer
Frank & Kathy Cross
Carol Peterson Dale
David & Chubbins Davison
John & Claudia Decker
Jon & Dee Ann Egeland
Elma P. Epstein+
Steven & Mrs. Jane Erickson
Don Ewals
Marilyn & Don Floberg
Judith & Eivind Forseth
Kay Foster & Mike Mathew
Edith Freeman+
Nan C. Friesen+
Jim Gainan
Ed & Becky Garding
Mrs. Winifred M. Griffith+
Walter & Barbara Gulick
Paul & Patti Gunville
Joel & Ann Guthals
Jim & Janet Haar
Greg & Marcia Hafner
Wayne L. Hansen
Jerry Hanson
Thomas M. Hauptman
Melina Hawkins
Kenneth W. & Lena C. Heikes
Harfield Hole
David L. Hood
Jean & Jon Horst
Joseph O. & Mrs. Jane L. Howell
Marguerite R. Hunt+
Sharon Ille
Terrie & Roland Iverson
Patricia Jaffray
Loretta A. Jarussi+
Lorraine Jensen '70 & Douglas Aden
David W. Johnson
Sonja C. Jones+
Robert L. Kehoe+
David Kem & Judith Raines
Ernie & Carol Kemmis
Tasneem & Shafiq Khaleel
Stacy & Carrie Klippenstein
Curt Kochner & Susan Thomas
Jon Kosovich
Kathleen A. Kotecki

Ruth Kronmiller+
Kirk & Katie Lacy
Carina Lange
Leo & Sue Lapito
Marjorie Lauson+
Monica & David Lindeen
Don F. Lowe
William R. Lowe+ & Connie Lowe
Monte & DeAnne Malnaa
Gail L. Maryott+
Mike & Joan Matz
Hilda McCleave+
Joe & Christa McClure
Deborah V. McDonald
Jeannie McIsaac-Tracy & Nate Tracy
Mrs. Dorothy J. Metz
Joeseph B. Michels
Frederick+ & Marie+ Miller
Kenneth W. Miller
Marilynn Miller
Merlyn Miller+
Krista & Brent Montague
Mark & Loretta Moore
Katharine L. Morningstar+
James+ & Julia+ Morrison
Nancy & Alan Nicholson
Laura L. Odegaard
Patrick O'Leary
Janie & Thomas Park
Bruce C. Parker
Mary C. Pemberton+
Larry & Patricia Petersen
Roger & Julie Petersen
Donald Peterson
Kirk & Michelle Peterson
Thomas & Irene Powell
Kermit Ragain & JoAnn Ragain+
Jean King Rahn+
Darryl & Jamie Rensmon
Randy & Ann Rhine
Arlys & Ted Rieger
Kathie L. Riggs
Ben Ripley & Sharon Weatherwax-Ripley
Beverly T. & Sigel Ross
Michael L. Ross
Dan & Bertie Rust
Myrna & Gary Ryti
E. Howard Sandaker+
Uta Mae Satre+
Steven F. Scanlin
Ronald J. & Susan K. Scariano
Deborah B. Schaffer
Rachel Schaffer
Tim & Katherine E. Schruth
Melanie & Brynn Schwarz
Jess T. Schwidde+ & Catherine Rice Schwidde+
Tom W. & Joan D. Scott
Julie & Shaun Seedhouse
John M. Self+
Ronald & Marilynn Sexton
Ellen C. Shields+
Gertrude Sundsted
Mary Louise Tannehill+
Mike & Cheryl Tehle
Jerry & Diane Thomas
Cecelia Thompson+
Agnes Troutman+
Shelley & Larry Van Atta
John C. Voelker+
Gene & Marilyn Wade
Hazel Walter
David & Roxanne Warne
Earl & Harriet Warne
George & Mary Cathey White
Bruce & Gayle Whittenberg
Marian Wilcox+
J. Perry Wolfe
Sandy Wong
Gary & Jean Young


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