2017 Faculty Excellence Awards

Brenda Dockery

Adjunct Marketing Instructor and Online and Internship Advisor

College of Business


Excellence Award for Non-Tenured Faculty



Although Brenda Dockery now teaches marketing classes online, she tries to integrate experiential exercises into the curriculum.


In the classroom, Brenda would open the semester by pretending to be a student. This lesson in gatekeepers not only broke the ice but also became a student favorite.


“Now that I’m teaching online, it’s a different venue but I still do creative things,” said the adjunct Marketing professor. “One of the things I do is a ‘Reality Check’ where students have to unplug from technology and social media and then reflect about it. It’s amazing how students realize how integrated and connected they are to technology at all times.”


For this dedication and style of teaching, as well as her approachability, Brenda is being recognized with the Excellence Award for Non-Tenured Faculty.


She won the award in 2008. Her service to the College of Business includes developing, programming, and now teaching the online Sales & Sales Management and Social Media Marketing courses, which came about due to her effort in increasing online elective availability.


Brenda also serves as a mentor to colleagues.


“Brenda Dockery has been one of my greatest resources to ensuring my success at the university,” a colleague said. “Because of my own experience working with Brenda, it comes as no surprise that her interactions with students have been just as positive.”


Brenda is a graduate of MSU Billings, where she won the award for Outstanding Senior in Marketing. Prior to returning to school, she was in advertising and media sales for over 25 years.