2016 Faculty Excellence Awards

Josh P. Hill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics
College of Business


Promoting International Student Success Faculty Award


JoshAssistant Professor of economics Josh Hill pushes students to think critically and to make connections across cultures.


This year’s Promoting International Student Success award recipient, Dr. Hill strives not only to convey theories of economics, but also encourages his students to think about the world through a global lens.


In his three years at the College of Business, Dr. Hill has come to be recognized by his students and colleagues as a strong supporter of international student success.


“Josh has been an outstanding teacher, educator and mentor for our international students in all of his classes. He has high standards and the remarkable ability to inspire and motivate students to achieve success on an international level,” a colleague said. 


With the greatest international student enrollment, College of Business’ students and faculty have a unique opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Having international students in the classroom can help transform ideas, such as hyperinflation, into something more tangible because of their first-hand experiences, Josh said.


“Having an exposure to other cultures helps develop the ability to empathize and become more aware of what’s going on in the world. International students provide more context to the classroom discussion.”


His teaching approach allows students to engage with in-depth discussions of global questions and complex social and economic issues. It’s no small thing, he added.


“Philosophically, it’s important to appreciate the world, whether you leave Montana or not,” Josh said.


“Josh is highly invested in his international students’ success and is known to spend extra time with them in supporting their academic goals,” a colleague said. “International students have high respect for him.”


Additionally, Josh is noted for his current work with a cohort of visiting French students.


His background includes spending time as a researcher and instructor in Kurdistan and Iraq. He already has teaching summer stints lined up for the future. This summer he will be teaching in Germany and the year after, China.