Halle Keltner

Terry, Montana

Class of 2019

B.S. Political Science with a Communications Minor


I love the sense of community this campus has created.


Halle Keltner
What activities, clubs, or jobs are you involved in at MSUB? 


I am the ASMSUB president, service project coordinator for the OCI, Housing operations assistant, Sigma Tau Delta vice president, and the College Democrats vice president. 


Do you have a favorite class or instructor at MSUB?


American Government with Dr. Pope made me fall in love with politics. I love learning about the intricate operations of our society, and Dr. Pope teaches in a way that is exciting and engaging.


What do you like about MSUB?


I love the access to opportunity. I don't think any other school offers the unique access to faculty, administrators, and professional growth that MSUB does. It all comes down to the people. I love the sense of community this campus has created.


What have you learned about yourself from your time at MSUB? 


I have learned that my capacity for creation, leadership, and success is grander than I had ever imagined, and that capacity grows exponentially when I involve other people. I have learned that I have something of value to bring to the table, as well as the ability to help others foster their own success.



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