To start the registration process, contact the Office for International Studies at (406) 657-1705 to learn more and to complete the registration process.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program gives Billings and local residents, whose native language is not English, the opportunity to attend classes to improve their English language ability. The ESL program is made up of 6 levels, from absolute beginners with no knowledge of English, to the advanced level for those who need to brush up their skills. This program will give students the confidence and personal ability to communicate in and out of the classroom.

Program Description

These complete course offerings contain five sections: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking.

Reading:  Students will practice reading skills, build vocabulary and read a variety of texts appropriate for their level. Their reading speed, understanding and confidence will increase.

Writing:  At each level of Writing class, students learn the sentence structure, vocabulary and writing techniques that will help them express themselves clearly in English.

Grammar:  Students will increase understanding of the English Grammar system.

Listening:  In Listening class students will practice listening in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Speaking:  In Speaking class students will practice speaking in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Note: depending on the session, the Speaking and Listening classes may be taught concurrently.

Full programs last 8 weeks and are offered in November, January, March and May.

Cancellations, Transfers, and Refunds

In the event that a course at MSUB Extended Campus does not meet the minimum number of participants, it will be cancelled and participants will be called at least 5 (five) days prior to the start of the course. In the event a course is cancelled, a full refund will be given or the fee can be transferred to pay for a different course. If you must cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund if it is cancelled 5 (five) business days prior to the start date of the course. After this date there will be no refunds. Cancellations must be called in and cannot be emailed. The phone number to use is (406) 896-5890.