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 May 21, 2017lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning 

 John Walsh 


Recently I read an article on the benefits that pursuing lifelong education has on increasing the chances of a satisfying retirement. The article made 4 key points: (1) retirees can now choose topics they are interested in as opposed to what is required for a degree, (2) they have the time to fully pursue interesting and engaging subjects, (3) learning keeps retirees sharp and can replace the stimulation that comes with a job and its challenges, and (4) learning keeps us socially engaged providing new channels of interactions and introduces retirees to new friends inside and outside of the classroom. 


One of the benefits the article failed to mention is that lifelong learning also provides seniors with an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experiences. For the past several years, MSU Billings has been offering seminars at Westpark Village. At a recent lecture the instructor made the point to highlight the knowledge that the group has. They have lived the longest, experienced the most and know more than younger generations. When formal education was rare, the elderly would often serve as the primary teachers of younger generations. I’ve see this first hand and have had several professors who delivered lectures for the series tell me how they learned something that evening or want to follow up with one the audience members to gather information on a research interest. 


MSU Billings Extended Campus can provide lifelong learning opportunities. If you have an interest in a particular subject let us know and we can help direct you to a learning opportuning on campus or in our community. Equally important, if you have knowledge and experiences that you would like to share with others we can help design a workshop or seminar to help you to transfer your knowledge on to others. 


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