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 Mar. 9, 2017teaching with passion

Teaching with Passion

 By John


A 2015 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education discusses the following four characteristics of a great teacher: personality, presence, preparation, and passion. Working at MSUB Extended Campus I have been fortunate to be able to work with college professors and working professionals in delivering community and professional development courses. From this experience, my take is that the most important characteristic is passion. Passion fuels preparation and presence and provides the personality that makes a subject interesting to others.  


In delivering Extended Campus courses, we have professors and professionals that teach with such passion that I often find myself researching more about a particular subject ranging from Copernicus to IPAs. Whether it’s a local brewer talking about their experience and how they created their latest product, the nonprofit leader talking about what makes their organization successful, or the professor talking about the details of his latest research the passion that they demonstrate for their subject makes you appreciate their work and want to learn more. We even have a local CPA who teaches for us that can make reading financial statements interesting. Quite often, we find that the instructor is so passionate about the subject and the audience so engaged that we finally have to step in and end the presentation. Inevitably, the instructor will stay and answer questions and continue sharing with audience members.   


If  you have, or know someone, with expertise in a particular area and you are passionate about the subject contact the Extended Campus office and we will work with you to see if we can find a way to transfer your knowledge and passion to others in our community. 


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