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 Mar. 8, 2017STEM starts

Girls-n-Science STEM Stars

By Laura


Girls-n-Science STEM Stars

Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 8:30 to Noon

MSU Billings LA Building


In an earlier post, I talked about an event MSU Billings has organized with the help of Rocky Mountain College and the community for the past 8 years called Girls-n-Science (formerly Chicks in Science).  Girls-n-Science is a super fun event geared toward girls in 4-8 grades.  Booths from MSU Billings, Rocky, and the community conduct hands-on activities with the girls.  Activities are short, girls can easily stop at each booth to participate, and learn something new.  The atmosphere is carnival-like with high energy.  It’s a great time! 


Last year as part of this event, we created something new called STEM Stars.  We invite three STEM professionals (or STEM Stars) from our community to provide a 45-minute hands-on activity for girls in 7th and 8th grades.  The event takes place the morning before Girls-n-Science on the MSU Billings University campus in the Language Arts (LA) Building. 


The goal of STEM Stars is to provide longer activities for 7th and 8th grade girls.  Perhaps something shared by one of the three female professionals sharing their expertise will spark an interest in the girls.  Or maybe it will build upon an already-known idea and help solidify a learning and/or career path.    


One of our STEM Stars this year is Shirley Greene.  Shirley is a science teacher at Lewis & Clark Middle School and has been involved with Girls-n-Science since its inception by sitting on the planning committee and having a booth at the event each year.  The activity she will do for STEM Stars deals with one of her true passions – space. 


Imagine this.  An important component of NASA’s International Space Station needs to be replaced immediately and they need your help!  You and your team must design a spacesuit, plan the spacewalk, and help design each step of the plan.  Hopefully you and your teammates will be able to complete the mission in time before it’s too late!


Shirley grew up in Florida and remembers watching spacecraft fly overhead on the way to the moon.  Since then, she has been fascinated with space.  She was selected to attend several teacher workshops at different NASA centers around the nation.  She is a Teacher Fellow with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, Solar System Ambassador, and New Horizons Educator Fellow, as well as being a past President of the Montana Science Teachers' Association. 


To learn more about STEM Stars call 406-896-5882 or visit