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Feb. 24, 2017my favorite whiskey

My Favorite Whiskey Cup

 By Kevin


There’s something about sipping on whiskey next to a campfire by a river after a long day of fly fishing. Often my belly is full, I am relaxed, and the sky is fading to hues of blue and pink with a few stars starting to appear. The fire is mesmerizing and the sound of the water soothing. This is the time when I like to break out my tin cup, add some ice, and pour in a few fingers of good Montana bourbon. My bourbon of choice is Willie’s that I pick up as I’ve come through Ennis.


My favorite spot is sitting next to the Madison River at the Varney Bridge campground. It's right next to the river and about two miles away from the main road so there is no traffic noise. The campsites are spaced to give elbow room between you and your neighbor and the few houses across the river are far enough away that their lights do not distract. My wife and I are usually there in the summer when the evenings are comfortable.


My cup is nothing special to look at. Sure, it has a few fish painted around the top and is a rather nice light green color but aside from that it is certainly no masterpiece.  If fact, it is a rather cheap cup. But there’s something about the way the handle fits my hand and the cubes clank against the side that creates magic. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m stupid enough to forget my cup, I will gladly make do with any cup handy, including something plastic. But it’s just not the same.


I’m not sure if all of this has to do with age or the ambiance. I do know that as I grow older I have slowed down some and tend to appreciate the quiet times of the day instead of cramming in as much as I can possibly do in a day. At any rate, sometimes it just feels right to take a little more time and enjoy the beauty we have here.  And those times are made just a little better with my favorite cup.