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MSUB Extended Campus will provide Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)-based educator workshops to educators in Billings and the surrounding area.  Participants will then team-teach a four-day summer camp for students going into grades 4-8 based upon the workshops.  This Project will accomplish four major things:

  1. Focus on Billings schools (grades 4-8) that have not adopted STEM-focused common core curriculum. 

  2. Through the Educator Workshop, a total of 25 teachers from Billings and the surrounding area will learn in detail and create several science, technology, engineering, and/or math-focused units specific to the grade they teach. 

  3. STEM-focused summer camps will be available to Extended Studies students entering 4-8 grades in Billings and the surrounding area.  Team-taught per grade, participants from the workshop will solidify what they learned by teaching the camp. 

  4. Provide scholarships to allow Extended Studies students from low-income families the opportunity to attend summer camps.

Educator Workshop

The focus of this intensive four-day workshop will be on environmental science and STEM-related material, resulting in the production of four units per two-instructor teams in attendance.  Twenty-five teachers (five per grades 4-8) will be invited to participate.  Curricula will be developed by teachers specific to the grade level they teach.  The resulting units created during these workshops will be used to teach additional summer camps. 

As part of the grant, there will be no fee to attend this workshop.  However, educators can elect to receive 24 OPI renewal units or up to two college credits for an additional charge.

Christine Haaland

STEM camp photo

The curricula will be designed to ensure future STEM-based educator workshops and subsequent summer camps are self-supportive.  Instruction will be seven hours a day, plus two hours of outside work for a total of 30 hours over the four-day period, as follows:

Day One:  STEM is fully defined and examples of activities are shared.

Day Two:  Brainstorming and creation of STEM units in teams of two teachers per grade level (4-8 grades). 

Day Three:  Continue working on units and complete by the end of the day.

Day Four:  Present and share each unit during the morning.  In the afternoon, brainstorm what the summer camp will look like and which units will be included.  Define who will teach each section.

MSUB Extended Campus will facilitate all marketing, registration, and administration of the workshop.  Extended Campus will work in partnership with the MCIE to identify teachers for the Educator Workshop.

Summer Camp

A summer camp program for Extended Studies students going into grades 4-8 will take place approximately two weeks after the Educator Workshop.  Camps will be six hours a day for five days.  All participants from the Educators Workshop will be encouraged to team-teach. 

Instructors from the Educator Workshop will oversee the camp and be on hand to assist educators as needed with instruction.

A scholarship program will ensure low-income Extended Studies students the opportunity to attend.  MSUB Extended Campus will work with the MCIE, Garfield Community Center, and School District 2 to identify Extended Studies students to apply for scholarships to attend the summer camp.

MEA/MFT Annual Conference

MSUB will share the model of the STEM Educator Workshop/Summer Camp Model for Extended Studies children during the 2014 MEA/MFT Annual Conference. 

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