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Just for K-12 teachers!  Are you looking for college credits?  Look no further!  MSUB will have many classes to choose from.

Visit our website often, as more offerings will be added as they are available. Please call (406) 896-5890 for more information.

EDCI 593-452 (E151PDFIEL1)
Field Science

This course will teach the elementary educator how to design and implement engaging field science investigations in the schoolyard and nearby natural spaces.

  1. The teacher will understand how children interact with the environment during several stages of development from preschool through teenage years, and will be able to design lessons that are appropriate for each level of engagement with the environment (Standard 1: Learner Development)

  2. The teacher will understand the principles and practice of field science studies, and will be able to design a comprehensive lesson for use on the schoolyard or nearby natural space (Standard 4: Content knowledge)

  3. The teacher will learn and practice the skills needed to identify local flora and fauna (Standard 4: Content Knowledge)

Instructor: Heather Bilden

Dates & Times:  August 12 – 13, 2014; 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Please see syllabus for details.

Location: MSUB Downtown (214 N. Broadway), Seminar room

Credit Option(s): 2 professional development graduate credits
Cost: $398.00 (2 credits)

"" Register here online

Registration will also be available the first day of class.

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