Mondays -  April 23rd and 30th  6-7:30 PM
MSU Billing College of Education Building Room 122

a long range shooter taking aim
Course Description

This course is intended as a primer to long range marksmanship. We will begin by covering basic fundamentals of shooting such as aiming, breath control, shooting position etc. The course will then showcase various techniques to properly judge distance using rangefinder and/or mil-dot. We will delve into the understanding of various types of optics whether you use Custom dial, MOA, MilRad, or BDC.  By using the information gathered you will be able to develop with confidence, a shooting solution for target shooting and hunting.

Who Should Attend

Beginner to intermediate long range marksman

What is Covered?

  • Aiming
  • Breathe Control
  • Shooting Position
  • Techniques for Judging Distance
  • Understanding Optics

Your Instructor

Matt Zimmerman is the owner of Butt’s Gun Sales.  He has been shooting, reloading, and hunting for 40 years.  He has also been a competitive shooter in IPSC “International Practical Shooting Confederation” and has been shooting long range for the last 15+ years. As the owner of a Gun shop he has provided many one on one lessons on how to use Optics and techniques on how to become a successful shooter.

What You'll Get Out of the Class

  • An understanding of how to shoot over longer distances with greater accuracy
  • The Mildot Master® analog calculator
  • The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting - Vortex

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