At Girls-n-Science, a FREE event, there will be more than 40 booths at MSUB’s Alterowitz Gym with hands-on, minds-on activities. Female STEM-related professionals will be involved with each booth giving girls one-on-one contact with important role models who are also mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters with varied interests and life goals. The jobs that our 4th graders will hold as adults likely haven’t even been thought of yet, but Industry surveys indicate that many emerging careers will require an understanding of STEM and the problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptive and collaborative skills gained through the study of these subjects. Often, psychological barriers, gender expectations, and the “coolness” factor can act as barriers to girls in the pursuit of STEM educational and career opportunities. Girls-n-Science strives to abolish negative and fearful attitudes about math and science; empowering young women in both their femininity and intellect. We will be photographing and recording the students interacting with the exhibitors. No registration needed and girls will get a cool Girls-n-Science string backpack. Come joins us and have fun!

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