Program Description and Design

The Advanced Workplace Communication course is a short-term low impact-training program developed in partnership with the Billings Area Chamber of Commerce and designed to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate effectively as a manager.  The course builds on the Moving Up: New Manager Training Program and consists of two sessions (1) The Proficient Communicator and (2) Excellent Presentations (prior completion of the New Manager program is not a requirement for taking the course). Each course session is delivered one afternoon each month for 4 hours each.  Each classroom session is highly interactive featuring hands on activities.


Sessions are designed to provide maximum opportunity for experiential learning that can be applied to the participant’s personal development and organization


Sessions are held one afternoon a month for two months.  This allows for ease of scheduling and low impact on participants work schedule


The training is reasonable priced at approximately $25 for each hour of training.

Who Should Enroll

  • Persons looking to enhance their communication knowledge and skills dealing with their employees, supervisor, customers, and clients
  • Individuals looking to enhance their skills in delivering effective presentations to their work group, customers, clients, and community and professional organizations

Session Topics and Program Schedule

The Proficient Communicator - 1:00-5:00 PM Wednesday May 8th, 2019

  • Communication Dynamics
    Gender/diversity expectations
  • Professional Communications Rules
    Group behavior
    Established rules as the leader
    Tools to avoid conflict

Excellent Presentations - 1:00-5:00 PM Wednesday June 5th, 2019

  • Managing Communication Anxiety 
  • Effective Business Briefings
  • Persuasive Communication Tactics
  • Non-Verbal Behavior
  • Visual media rules

Program Cost

$100 for each session or $200 total for Chamber Members

$125 for each session or  $250  non-Chamber Members

Register Online

Chamber Members

Non-Chamber Members

Course Location

MUSB College of Education
Room 160
MSU Billings University Campus
Billings, MT


Ms. Shelby Jo Long-Hammond is an associate professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Debate program at Rocky Mountain College. She consults with local organizations and tribal colleges with argumentation, leadership, and gender communication training workshops. Shelby also coaches individuals in professional communication sessions centered on communication anxiety and audience analysis.

Earning the Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion will be awarded individually for the Proficient Communicator session and the Excellent Presentation Skills session.

Digital Badges

MSUB Extended Campus is awarding digital badges for individuals who attend and successfully demonstrate competence in the learning objectives for each class.  To earn the Digital Badge an individual must successfully pass a test or other assessment at the end of each class that assesses the student’s acquisition of the learning outcomes established for the course.

Digital badges help you track and display skills to employers that you have acquired on websites like LinkedIn or Facebook.  You control which badges are public and the credentials help you more easily position yourself with current or potential employers.

proficient communicator badge     Excellent Presentations badge

Contact Information

To find out more about this and other graduate courses or programs, please call or email:

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