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Tutoring: (click here to see out tutoring schedule)
Tutorial services are available to all ETS participants. Students who have difficulty in a particular class will be required to attend tutoring.

Assessment and Advising: (click here to look at Web sites that could assist in career planning, look at the job market, and study skills) 
Students will learn skills that will help them be successful  in both high school and post secondary education.

Exposure to various events: (click here to see pictures and see what the students get to do)
Like the symphony, plays, museums, art exhibits and community services.

Student Resource:  This is a web site that has a lot of the links that would be helpful to the student, all on one page.

Financial Advising:(click here to look at helpful Web sites we thought would be helpful) 
Our staff works with the students and their parents to identify scholarships for college and how to fill out federal financial aid forms. 

SAT & ACT Prep: Each year junior and senior students are provided a prep course to help them with the ACT and SAT exam.

College Tours: (click here to look at possible colleges around the country)
We take pride in offering our participants the unique opportunity to visit premiere institutions. Students tour campuses and visit with faculty and students to learn about their institution. This gives students a chance to get a “feel” for the type of college they would be most comfortable attending.

Each year students tour various colleges and universities. Along the way, students are given a chance to visit museums, cultural festivals, and educational/historical sites. Students have toured colleges in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Illinois, and of course Montana.

College Application and Selection:  
Each student is guided through the confusing maze of how to select a college/university. Topics addressed are: how to write a college entrance essay; what criteria to use to select a school; how to complete the application process; and, how to develop the skills needed to survive in college.

Scholastic Advising:  
Our staff works with  high school counselors  to help plan the academic future of each participant.

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