Educational Talent Search

Enhancing Educational Talent, Encouraging Individual Success


Educational Talent Search serves 600 students from seven area high schools and nine middle schools in Yellowstone County.

Since this is a federally funded program, students may be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Complete the sixth grade.Interested in attending a college after high school.
  2. Neither parent or legal guardian (s) has graduated from a four year college/university, and/or the participant meets established income requirements. 

Educational Talent Search is an academic support program.  Students are encouraged to maintain at least a 'C' average in school, attend meetings and actively participate in the programs workshops and activities.


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Middle Schools served by ETS


Lewis & Clark Middle School
Castle Rock Middle School
Will James Middle School
Laurel Middle School
Shepherd Junior High School
Huntley Project Junior High School
Lockwood Middle School
Riverside Middle School