Educational Talent Search

Enhancing Educational Talent, Encouraging Individual Success

Summer 2018

Out of School Activities for Grade Levels 6th-12th

Please Call your Program Office at (406)657-2116 to Sign-up for the activities you are interested in!



Note: Some sessions are capped. If you sign-up for a session and are unable to attend, please call or email us. We usually have a wait list of students and want to make sure that we open the opportunity up to the next student on the list.


6/6   Wednesday                              

Time: 6-7pm                    

Place:  MSU-Billings, Library Building room 148

 For new parents and students, we will discuss what Educational Talent Search entails.  We will also go over the summer schedule of activities and answer any questions.  We strongly encourage you to come.


High School Only Week                

Days:  June 12-June 15th           

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-Tuesday, June 12th– College 101/MSU-Billings Tour    (To be 9th-12th grades)

On our first day, we will learn the ins and outs of picking the right college, talk scholarships and money, and tour the MSU-Billings campus. 

Time:  10am-Noon                         Cap:  25 students


-Wednesday, June 13th– ACT Registration/Job Shadow Set-up  

Current Juniors that wish to re-take the ACT, may come sign-up.  We have waivers to pay for the test.  Please bring your 1st set of scores that were mailed to you from ACT.  We will need the ACT ID number on the print out to register you.  The second hour will focus on setting up job shadows.  Please bring your cell phone. 

Time:  10-11am ACT Registration   (To be 12th grades only)

 11am-Noon Job Shadow Set-up  (To be 9th-12th grades)                      Cap:  20 students


-Thursday,  June 14th– Student Support Services/Team Building Fun (Wear comfy clothing/tennis shoes)

Come learn about our sister program that is available on many college campuses.  SSS is an excellent resource that will help you get through college.  Then, we will play Bubble Soccer, Nine Square, and participate in some great team building fun.  Prizes awarded!

Time:  9am-Noon                 Cap:  25 students (To be 9th-12th grades)


-Friday, June 15th—ACT Prep

Come get an ACT refresh for that retake. 

Time:  9:00am-Noon          Cap:  25 students   (To be 12th grades only)

Plant Science Week                

Days:  June 19-June 22nd            

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-Tuesday, June 19th—Bee Pollination and Composting (To be 7th-12th grades)

 Students will get to learn the science behind bee pollination and how composting works.  Prepare to get your hands dirty and learn about possible jobs and college majors that revolve around plant science. 

 Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  20 students  


 -Tuesday, June 19th—MSU-B College Tour & Scavenger Hunt (To be 6th-8th grades)

 Students will get to learn all about MSU-Billings and participate in a fun scavenger hunt with prizes.

 Time:  1-3pm                                  Cap:  25 students 

 ** 7th & 8th graders attending the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided lunch at Noon


 -Wednesday, June 20th—Square Feet Gardening (To be 7th-12th grades)

 Students will get to build and plant their own garden.  Please wear clothing you do not mind getting dirty. 

 Time:  9:00am-Noon                    Cap:  20 students    


 -Thursday, June 21st– Nursery Tour & Career Info Session (To be 7th-12th grades)

 We will be traveling to a local nursery to take a tour and learn about future plant science careers. 

 Time:  9am-Noon                            Cap:  20 students


 -Friday, June 22nd—Educational Conservation Center Volunteer Day (To be 6th-12th grades)

 We will head out to Norm’s Island to volunteer!  We will be working outside to help plant, pull weeds, and spruce up the area.  Note:  Wear sunscreen and bug spray, and bring your water bottle! 

 Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  25 students

North Dakota/Minnesota College Tour Week                

Days:  June 25th-June 29th            

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-North Dakota/Minnesota College Tour Week    (To be 9th-12th grades)

We will make a trek through North Dakota on our way to Minnesota visiting Miles Community College, Dickinson State, Bismark State, University of Jamestown, North Dakota State University, MSU-Moorhead, Concordia College, Valley City University, Dawson Community College, and the University of Mary.  We will have a lot of fun on our way visiting local zoos, museums, and baseball.  Bring your swim gear!  Everything is paid for with the exception of souvenirs.  (To be 9th-12th grades only)

Time:  8am SHARP                  Cap:  44 High School Students

Return:  Friday by 3:30pm

Mad Science Week                

Days:  July 10th-July 13th            

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-Tuesday, July 10th—Mad Science Lab Day          (To be 7th-12th grades)

 We will be doing some dissection and water sampling.  This will be a very hands on project.

Time:  9am-Noon                                  Cap:  20 students


 -Tuesday, July 10th—Team Building Skills           (To be 6th-8th grades)

 Come participate in some fun games and learn some great skills.  Prizes will be given out. 

 Time:  1-3pm                                  Cap:  30 students 

 ** 7th & 8th graders attending the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided lunch at Noon


-Wednesday, July 11th-More Mad Science         (To be 7th-12th grades)

Students will get to participate in more science and lab fun.   

Time:  9am-Noon                                  Cap:  20 students


-Thursday, July 12th-MSU Bozeman College Tour & Museum of the Rockies        (To be 7th-12th grades)

We will travel to Bozeman to tour the campus and learn about the variety of programs on campus.  Then, we will head over to the museum to take a tour and watch a show in the planetarium.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Time:  7:30am-5pm                                 Cap:  40 students


-Friday, July 13th-Northern Plains Resource Council           (To be 6th-12th grades)

This is a great volunteer project.  We will help beautify the outdoor area and learn about Northern Plains.  Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Time:  9:00am-Noon                                    Cap:  20 students

Tech Careers Week                

Days:  July 17th-July 20th           

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, July 17th—Vet Careers and Dog Service       (To be 7th-12th grades)

We will visit the Yellowstone Animal Shelter, participate in some service, and learn about Therapy dogs and training.  Fun!!

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  15 students 


-Tuesday, July 17th—Coat of Arms Art Afternoon      (To be 6th-8th grades)

Students will get to participate in fun art project with a local artist

Time:  1-3pm                                         Cap:  25 students 

** 7th & 8th graders attending the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided lunch at Noon


-Wednesday July 18th—Pharm Tech/EMT/Paramedic/Nursing Careers     (To be 7th-12th grades)

This will be a hands on career day.  Come learn about these interesting medical fields.

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  20 students 


-Thursday, July 19th—Charter College/City College Tours              (To be 7th-12th grades)

We will visit two campuses that offer some exciting Tech degrees

Time:  9am-Noon                                       Cap:  20 students 


-Friday, July 20th—Salvation Army        (To be 6th-12th grades)

This is a fun volunteer project.  We will  make sandwiches, cold lunches, and help clean.

Time:  9:00am-Noon                                    Cap:  25 students

Health  Careers Week                

Days:  July 24th-July 27th           

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, July 24th—Optometry Day          (To be 7th-12th grades)

Students will get to visit local optometrists and learn about eye careers.

Time:  9am-Noon                                  Cap:  15 students


-Tuesday, July 24th—Western Heritage Center Walking Tour           (To be 6th-8th grades)

 Learn about the history of Billings on a fun walking tour with the Western Heritage Center. 

Time:  1-3pm                                  Cap:  20 students 

** 7th & 8th graders attending the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided lunch at Noon


-Wednesday July 25th—Dental Careers/RiverStone Health Medical Careers    (To be 7th-12th grades)

We will visit a local dentist office to learn about careers. Then, we will travel to RiverStone Health for a tour and learn about more medical careers.

Time:  11:30am-3pm  (sack lunches will be provided)         Cap:  15 students 


-Thursday, July 26th—Rocky Mountain College Tour      (To be 7th-12th grades)

Come take a tour of Rocky.  We will get to learn about their Physician Assistant program and visit their brand new science building.     

Time:  9am-Noon                                       Cap:  30 students 


-Friday, July 27th—St. John’s Nursing Home                   (To be 6th-12th grades)

Come play BINGO with the residents at St. John’s.  This is always a fun service opportunity and a favorite with the students!    

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  25 students 


-Saturday, July 28th—South Park Fiesta Volunteer Day          (To be 6th-12th grades)

Time:  11am-2pm        Cap:  25

College Preparation Seminar              

Day:  Monday, July 23rd          

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-This one day workshop is designed to help high school seniors prepare for their senior year. Lunch will be provided for those who attend the entire day’s workshop.

10am-Noon Topics—To be Seniors

  • ACT Retakes—Register for the September 9 ACT test. Registration forms due by August 4. Receive a waiver to retake the test.
  • College Applications– Get assistance completing your first college application.

1pm-3pm Topics—Graduates/To be Seniors

  • Student Panel—Hear from current college students about the dos and don’ts to prepare and live through your first year of college.
  • Finalize Resume and Writing for Scholarships– Update resume and learn how to identify scholarships and writing tips for essay.

Additional Summer Fun, Cultural, and Fundraising Activities

-Sunday, June 24th—Symphony in the Park

Time:  7pm     Place:  Pioneer Park


-Saturday, July 28th - Montana Shaespeare in the Parks Presents - Love's Labour's Lost

Time:  7pm    Place:  Veteran's Park


-Sunday, July 29th - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks Presents - Othello

Time:  6-8pm   Place Veteran's Park


-Tuesday, July 31st– Car Wash

 Time:  10am-2pm

 Place:  Meet at the Height’s Albertson’s (670 Main St.)


-Wednesday, August 1st-Bowling & Pizza

 Time:  11am-1pm

 Place:  Meet at Sunset Bowl (1625 Central Ave)

 Note:  You must have completed at least 2 summer workshops excluding the car wash in order to  participate.


-Friday, August 3rd- The Ron Nistler Annual Golf  Tournament and Educator’s Memorial

 THIS  EVENT  WILL  BE  RUN PRIMARILY  BY  STAFF.  If you are interested in having a team or  donating a hole prize, please call Dan at the office (657-2179).