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Summer 2016


Please Call Chris to sign-up! 657-2116

Please try to arrive 5 minutes early for events if possible. 
We will not be able to wait if you are late!


ETS students: 657-2116 | UB students: 657-2180


Team Building/Leadership
Days:  June 21st-June 24th
Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot 


Tuesday, June 21st– Team Building & BBQ

On our first day, we will get to know each other and work together to accomplish tasks. Come enjoy some fun interactive games and challenges. We will have a barbeque after the games.


Time: 9am-Noon -- Cap: 25 students


Wednesday, June 22nd-Leadership and Student Engagement

We will be working with our student affairs staff on campus to participate in some leadership activities.  You will also get to learn about student housing in the residence halls and what kinds of activities you can get involved in on a college campus. 


Time: 9am-Noon -- Cap: 25 students


Thursday,  June 23rd– Ropes Course and Leadership Program

Come learn about our Leadership program on the MSU-Billings campus.  We will also participate in the Ropes Course and play some fun interactive games. 


Time: 9am-Noon -- Cap: 25 students


Friday, June 24th–Salvation Army

This is a great volunteer project.  We will make sandwiches, cold lunches, and help clean. 


Time: 9am-Noon -- Cap: 20 students



College Tour  Week 
Days:  June 28th-July 1st
Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot 


Tuesday, June 28th– Wednesday, June 29th– Montana Tech, Highland College, and University of Montana College Trip (To Be 9th-12th grades ONLY)
Students will have the opportunity to check out 3 state campuses and get a feel for all that they have to offer. We will specifically focus on the Health Informatics programs at Montana Tech and the Forestry program in Missoula. Travel, hotel and meals are provided. Please bring extra money if you wish to buy souvenirs or extra snacks. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

Time: 7:30am prompt departure -- Return Time: 5:30pm Wednesday -- Cap: 46 students


Thursday, June 30th—Montana State University College Tour (All students welcome)
We will head to Bozeman to tour MSU. There will be a specific focus on the College of Arts and Architecture. Please come get a feel for this popular campus. Lunch will be provided. Bring extra money if you wish to purchase extra snacks or souvenirs. Wear your walking shoes!

Time: 7:30am-5pm -- Cap: 48 students  ( We will depart promptly at 7:30am)      


Friday, July 1st—MSU-Billings & City College Tours
This is a great opportunity to check out your local schools. We will be focusing on the Pre-Engineering and Plant Processing programs on these campuses.

Time: 7:30am-5pm -- Cap: 48 students



Science Week
Days: July 12th—July 15th
Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


Tuesday, July 12th– Chemistry Day
Are you curious about careers in Chemistry? We will learn what you can do with a Chemistry degree and participate in a hands on lab. This will be a fun and interactive workshop. If you enjoy science, don’t miss this opportunity!

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm -- Cap: 25 students


Wednesday, July 13th—Environmental Science Day
This is a popular and growing field. If you are interested in learning about careers in this field, please come check this workshop out. Students will also experience some hands-on lab time.

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm -- Cap: 25 students


Thursday, July 14th—-Geology Day
If you are interested in learning about a career in Geology, you do not want to miss this hands-on career day. We will be working with an MSU-Billings Geology professor and learning about the field and education required. We will also take a field trip to collect some fossils.

Time: 8:00 am-12:00 pm -- Cap: 25 students


Friday, July 15th—Educational Conservation Center Volunteer Day
We will head out to Norm’s Island to volunteer! We will be working outside to help plant, pull weeds, and spruce up the area.
Note: Wear sunscreen and bug spray, and bring

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm -- Cap: 25 students



Art Week
Days: July 19th-July 22nd
Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


Tuesday, July 19th—Yellowstone Art Museum

We will head down to the YAM to take a tour of the museum, learn about careers in Art, and participate in some art projects.  Please wear your walking shoes!       

Time:  10am-Noon -- Cap:  20 students


Wednesday, July 20th—Alberta Bair Theatre/Billings Studio Theatre Day

Are you interested in acting, set design, lighting, technology, costume, make-up, etc.?  Come check out careers in the theater.  Plus, we will get to try on costumes and get a feel for the stage.  

Time: 9:00 am-Noon -- Cap: 25 students


Thursday, July 21st—CTA Architecture and Interior Design Day

We will head over to CTA to learn all about the different types of architecture and what kind of education you need to have.  We will also learn about the field of interior design.


Time: 9:00 am-Noon -- Cap: 20 students


Friday, July 22nd-St. John’s Nursing Home—BINGO

Come play BINGO with the residents at St. John’s.  This is always a fun service opportunity and a favorite with the students!    

Time: 9:15 am-11:45 -- Cap: 25 students

College Boot Camp Week
Days: August 2nd-5th
Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


Tuesday, August 2nd—The Differences Between High School and College (To Be College Freshmen & To Be Seniors)

We will have a student panel of current college students that were involved with ETS and Upward Bound.  Not only will this be a great opportunity for you to ask questions, but they will share their first year college experiences, what they would have done differently if given the chance, and what the major changes and surprises were as an incoming freshman.  


Time:  10am-Noon -- Cap:  unlimited


Wednesday, August 3rd-Loan Counseling/Financial Aid (To be College Freshmen)
If you are taking out loans for your upcoming school year and want or need help going through the online loan counseling, we want to help you. It’s also a good time to get questions answered about loans. We will also help with any last minute financial aid needs.

Time:  10am-Noon -- Cap:  unlimited


Wednesday, August 3rd-College Applications and Finalize Resume (To be Seniors)
Begin the college application process. Please bring any information or college applications that you have received in the mail. We will also help update and finalize your college resume so it is ready to hand out for recommendation letters. This is a great opportunity to get a jump start on college your senior year.


Time:  1:00-3:00 pm -- Cap:  unlimited


Thursday, August 4th—Study Skills/ Time Management/Academic Advising/Degree Requirements (To be College Freshmen)
The first year of college is a big change from what you are used to in high school. This will be an invaluable information session to prepare you. We also want to make sure you know how to keep track of the classes you need for your college degree. Each college has advising sheets within the major you choose. Maybe you are beginning college with generals. Come learn how to stay on top of your requirements.

Time:  10am-Noon -- Cap:  unlimited



Thursday, August 4th—Fall University Connections/ACT Retakes/Scholarships/Writing (To be Seniors)
Seniors that are interested in taking an early college class in the fall or are already signed-up for a fall class should come to this workshop. We will look at possible classes that work with your schedule and/or we will show you where your upcoming class will be, show you where to pay your bill, get your parking pass, and see what book/s you need. Seniors interested in retaking the ACT, may come to sign-up for the September date. ETS/UB have waivers for the test as well. Lastly, we will have a section on scholarships and essay writing tips.


Time:  1:00-3:00 pm -- Cap:  unlimited


Friday, August 5th— “Nobody Told Me” & SSS  (To be College Freshmen)
We will go over things that come up in college that you need to be aware of. Some of those things include holds, drop dates, add dates, satisfactory progress, housing issues, etc. We will also talk about our sister TRIO program, Student Support Services and how you can get involved. This program can help you immensely on your college journey.


Time:  10am-Noon -- Cap:  unlimited


Additional Summer Fun, Cultural & Fundraising Activities


Sunday, June 26th—Symphony in the Park

Time: 7pm -- Place: Pioneer Park

Tuesday, July 19th– Billings Mustangs Game

Time: 7:05pm -- Place: Dehler Park

(20 tickets available, must pick up your ticket from the ETS office)

Thursday, July 21st– Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
Presents—Richard III

Time: 6:00pm -- Place: Pioneer Park

Friday, July 22nd– Montana Shakespeare in the Parks Presents-The Comedy of Errors

Time: 6:00pm -- Place: Pioneer Park


Fundraisers and Fun Day


Tuesday, July 26th– Car Wash
Time: 10am-2pm
Place: Meet at Hobby Lobby (2425 Central Ave.)

Wednesday, July 27th-Bowling
Time: 11am-1pm
Place: Meet at Sunset Bowl (1625 Central Ave)
Note: You must have completed at least 2 summer workshops excluding the car washes in order to participate.

Thursday, July 28th– Car Wash
Time: 10am-2pm
Place: Meet at the Height’s Albertson’s (670 Main St.)

Friday, July29th- The Ron Nistler Annual Golf Tournament and Educator’s Memorial


If you are interested in having a team or donating a hole prize, please call Dan at the office (657-2179) for information or see our website:


Volunteer opportunity for ETS and Upward Bound students.

Every Wednesday, June 8th-August 24th

Time: 4:30-7pm

MSUB is sponsoring one night each week during the summer months to allow students, staff and faculty to volunteer for the experience. OCI Service Learning Coordinator, Jenny Randall, is setting up volunteer spots now and you can give your time by contacting her to sign up. Bring yourself, a family member, a student, or anyone who might find the value in supporting an intentional community engagement opportunity like this.

Jenny can be reached at

ReadingReading Challenge
Did you know that during the summer students can lose almost two grade levels in their reading skills? We would like to encourage you to spend some of your summer reading a few good books, and the person who reads the most books can earn a prize. It’s simple the links below provide a list of books that middle school and high school students should read. Select some good reads from the appropriate list and enjoy! After you have read the story answer the following question: What did you learn from the story that you can relate to your life?

Make sure you read a book that you have NOT read before and turn your responses to the ETS/UB office.

In addition, the Billings Public Library also has a reading program that you can sign –up to earn prizes. It’s called Get in the Game READ and can be found at this link: