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Summer 2017

Workshops for Grades Levels 7th-12th

Please Call your Program Office to Sign-up for the activities you are interested in!

(657-2116) ETS (657-2180 UB)


Note: Some sessions are capped. If you sign-up for a session and are unable to attend, please call or email us. We usually have a wait list of students and want to make sure that we open the opportunity up to the next student on the list.

Team Building/Leadership            

Days:  June 20th-June 23rd                          

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


 -Tuesday, June 20th– Team Building

On our first day, we will get to know each other and enjoy some fun interactive games and challenges.

Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  25 students


-Wednesday, June 21st– MSU Billings Ropes Course

Students will be exposed to low ropes activities designed to develop teamwork. Please make sure you are wearing tennis shoes and clothing that enables you to move comfortably (t-shirts are suggested).

Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  25 students


-Thursday,  June 22nd– Northwest Community College Tour

Students will tour Northwest Community College and learn about their campus and programs including their Outdoor Leadership program. Lunch will be provided.

Time:  8am-4:00pm                       Cap:  30 students


-Friday, June 23rd–Northern Plains Resource Council

Learn how this eco-friendly organization works to protect Montana's water quality through their various activities.

Time:  9:00am-Noon                     Cap:  25 students



Seattle College Tour  Week             

Days:  June 26th-June 30th                         

Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Seattle Washington College Tour Week

This week we will be traveling to Seattle, WA to visit colleges that include Montana Tech, University of Montana, Gonzaga, University of Washington, Central Washington and Eastern Washington. We will also visit local sites like Pikes Place Market.

Time:  7:30am SHARP                  Cap:  48 High School Students


Emergency Week                            

Days: July 11th—July 14th                            

Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-Tuesday, July 11th—Paramedic and EMT Careers

A Billings firefighter, paramedic and EMT will discuss his career in those three areas of his job, plus share some of his cool equipment he uses in his job.

Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  30 students


-Wednesday, July 12th—Fire Science at City College

City College has a very good Fire Science program. Learn about this program as a potential career, plus tour campus to learn about other interesting programs.

Time:  9:00am-Noon                    Cap:  30 students


-Thursday, July 13th— Red Lodge U.S. Forest Service

We will be traveling to Red Lodge for the day to meet with US Forest Service personnel to learn about how they deal with potential forest fires. Wear comfortable shoes. A short hike is possible if time allows. Lunch will be provided.

Time:  8am-4pm                            Cap:  30 students


-Friday, July 14th—Educational Conservation Center Volunteer Day

We will head out to Norm's Island to volunteer!  We will be working outside to help plant, pull weeds, and spruce up the area.  Note:  Wear sunscreen and bug spray, and bring your water bottle!

Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  25 students



Design Week                                   

Days: July 18th-July 21st                                  

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, July 18th—Drafting and Architecture Careers

This is an opportunity to learn about architecture and drafting. We will tour a local firm to learn about their work and potentially visit some of their projects.

Time:  9am-Noon                         Cap:  20 students


-Wednesday, July 19th—Interior Design Career

Do you have a flair for Interior Design? This is your chance to meet with designers who work with architects and clients to design their interior living space. There may be an opportunity to visit some of their projects.

Time:  9am-Noon                          Cap:  25 students


-Thursday, July 20th—MSU Bozeman and Gallatin College Tour

Students will tour MSU Bozeman and Gallatin College and learn about their Architecture, Drafting and Design programs. Lunch will be    provided.

Time:  7:30am-5:00pm                                  Cap:  40 students


-Friday, July 21st-Salvation Army

This is a great volunteer project.  We will  make sandwiches, cold lunches, and help clean.

Time:  9:00am-Noon                                    Cap:  25 students


Nursing and Health Care Week            

Days July 25th-July 28th                                                        

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-Tuesday, July 25th—Nursing Careers

Students will meet with nursing staff from Billings Clinic to gain insight on the profession and options available to students interested in    nursing careers. If you are interested in health care and nursing, you don't want to miss this opportunity. Wear comfortable shoes.

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  25 students


-Wednesday July 26th—Health Care Careers

Students will have the chance to learn about other health related fields at St. Vincent Hospital including Radiology Tech, Medical Tech, Phlebotomy, and other essential health care careers. Wear comfortable shoes.

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  25 students


-Thursday, July 27th—Miles Community College Tour

Students will have the opportunity to tour Miles Community College and learn about their 2 year health career programs. Lunch will be      provided for this all-day event.

Time:  8am-4:00pm                                       Cap:  40 students


-Friday, July 28th—St. John's Nursing Home

Come play BINGO with the residents at St. John's.  This is always a fun service opportunity and a favorite with the students!

Time:  9am-Noon                                         Cap:  25 students



College Preparation Seminar for High School Seniors/Juniors     

Day: July 25, 10am-3pm  

Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot


-This one day workshop is designed to help high school seniors prepare for their senior year. Lunch will be provided for those who    attend the entire day's workshop.

10am-Noon Topics—Seniors

ACT Retakes—Register for the September 9 ACT test. Registration forms due by August 4. Receive a waiver to retake the test.College Applications– Get assistance completing your first college application.


1pm-3pm Topics—Juniors/Seniors

Student Panel—Hear from current college students about the do's and don'ts to prepare and live through your first year of college.Fall University Connections—learn what it takes to begin taking college classes during your senior year at a very low cost.Finalize Resume and writing for Scholarships– Update resume and learn how to identify scholarships and writing tips for essays.



College Freshmen               

Finalize Your Fall Plans                                          

By Appointment Only


Congratulations recent high school graduates! Now that you have completed your first major academic hurdle, high school graduation, you now have a new goal in your sights.....earning your college degree! Your advisor will be in contact with you at least once over the summer to touch base with you prior to starting college.

You are also encouraged to attend the Student Panel on July 25th at 1pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to speak with current college students about being successful your first year of college. Meet at Cisel Hall for these Great tips of Do's and Don'ts!

- Please feel free to contact your advisor and make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns during the summer regarding your college information.


Barb Waters—657-2176

Michelle Watson—657-2314

Tanya Gunkel—657-2181

Rob Rust—657– 2541


 Cultural  Activities

 Sunday, June 25th—Symphony in the Park

Time:  7pm  Place:  Pioneer Park


Billings Mustangs Games TO BE ANNOUNCED

Time:  7:05pm  Place:  Dehler Park (20 tickets available, must pick up your ticket from the ETS office)


Thursday, July 20th– Montana Shakespeare in the Parks

Presents—You Never Can Tell

Time:  6:00pm  Place:  Pioneer Park


Friday, July 21st– Montana Shakespeare in the Parks       Presents-Macbeth

Time:  6:00pm  Place:  Pioneer Park


Fundraisers and Fun Day

-Tuesday, August 1st– Car Wash

Time:  10am-2pm

Place:  Master Lube on King Ave by Best Buy


-Wednesday, August 2nd-Bowling

Time:  11am-1pm

Place:  Meet at Sunset Bowl (1625 Central Ave)

Note:  You must have completed at least 2 summer workshops excluding the car washes in order to participate.


-Thursday, August 3rd– Car Wash

Time:  10am-2pm

Place::  Meet at the Height's Albertson's (670 Main St.)


-Friday, August 4- The Ron Nistler Annual Golf  Tournament and Educator's Memorial

THIS  EVENT  WILL  BE  RUN PRIMARILY  BY  STAFF.  If you are interested in having a team or  donating a hole prize, please call Dan at the office(657-2179).