Fall Activities for Grade Levels 6th-12th

Due to the constantly changing COVID situation, we will not be planning a full semester of activities in advance.  Instead we will be plan one month at a time and notify participants of upcoming activities by postcard and on this website.  

Please Call your Program Office at (406) 657-2116 to Sign-up!

We are still following the CDC guidelines and  recommend that students attending in person events and who have not been vaccinated wear a mask.  If students are signed up for events and are sick or are having any symptoms, they should stay home or we will send them home.  As with most activities and programs, we want to be mindful of the safety and health of our students, staff, and community members during this time.  


Rocket Day         Day:  Saturday, September 25th        Time:  8:30am-3:30pm     In person ONLY        (meet at the Cisel Hall parking lot)

Learn how to build and launch your very own model rocket with Mr. Kenny!  Lunch will be provided.  Please meet at the Cisel Hall parking lot as we will be taking a bus to Ben Steele Middle School.