Educational Talent Search & Upward Bound
Summer 2014 Schedule

All Activities are FREE! 

ETS students call 657-2116 to sign-up. | UB students call 657-2180 to sign-up.


Criminal Minds

It’s that time of year to sign-up for some great ETS activities.  We have designed a wonderful summer experience for you that will revolve around law.  Our goal for the summer is to allow you to learn about a variety of law careers and show you where you can go to college to major in those careers.   As usual, we will also    provide a number of community service projects, cultural activities, and some fun days as well.   Most importantly though, you will have the opportunity to make a lot of new friends through the ETS program or see some that you have not seen all year.  If you are unable to participate in our service learning days, please check out the  website for other opportunities in your area.  Please look through the following pages of activities and get signed up as soon as you can.  We have over 600 active students in the ETS program.  Spots are limited and will fill up fast.  We would like all students to have the opportunity to participate this summer. 

 CAR WASH (UB/ETS)– May 31st—Walgreen’s (1330 Grand Ave)

Time:  10am-2pm 

This car wash was rescheduled from the cancellation on May 10th. 

**If you are doing Connections classes and have not participated in a previous fundraiser, please plan on attending.  Money raised helps to pay for those classes. 


All Activities are FREE! 
Call 657-2116(ets) or 657-2180 (ub) to Sign-UP!

Note:  If you sign-up for an activity and are unable to attend, please contact the office as soon as possible.  We always have a waiting list of other students who can fill the spot.  If you do not call in or do not have a valid excuse for not calling, you will lose the opportunity to participate in the rest of the summer activities. 

Summer Dates:
Justice Week           Days: June 17th - June 20th                   Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, June 17th– Team Building and Ropes Course

We will start our summer off getting to know each other and working together to accomplish tasks.  Come enjoy some fun interactive games and challenges.      
Time:  9am-Noon                          Cap:  40 students

-Wednesday, June 18th– Detective Ernie Waters and the Billings Police K-9 Unit

Come learn about all the different law careers from Detective Waters.  We will also be meeting the drug dogs and seeing them in action.  Don’t miss this fun and informative opportunity!  

Time:  9am-Noon                           Cap:  25 students

-Thursday, June 19th-City Municipal Court Day

We will be observing some courtroom action and meeting with a Municipal judge, bailiff, court reporter, and lawyers.  If you are interested in courtroom careers, you do not want to miss this one. 

Time:  9am-Noon                            Cap:  20 students

-Friday, June 20th–Billings Community Daycare Center

We will wrap the week up with a fun service opportunity.  We will be reading to, playing with, and working with many different ages of children.  If you enjoy young children, come volunteer your time.     
Time:  9am-Noon                          Cap:  25 students

Note:  Wear your walking shoes, comfy clothing, and bring a water bottle. 

Denver College Trip Week        Days: June 23rd - June 27th            Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

We’re heading to Denver to visit  5 colleges and participate in some other fun activities!  You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.  Some of the colleges include the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University, Metro State, and the University of Wyoming.  Some of the activities include a Colorado Rockies baseball game, the   Natural History Museum, the Denver Zoo, and a visit to the Wyoming Territorial Prison.  This trip is ONLY available for to be 9th –12th grade students!  This is 1st come 1st serve, but participation is at the discretion of the ETS staff..  ETS students will have priority for sign-up.

Cap:  48 students
Time:  7:30am Prompt Departure   Return:  5pm Friday, June 27th
Note:  A tentative agenda will be sent home once selection has been determined. 

Judicial Week           Days: July 8th - July 11th                   Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, July 8th– Judge Russell Fagg with the District Court

Come learn what it takes to become a judge.  We will get the opportunity to observe a little bit of a case and hear from Judge Fagg about his job and background.  The is a great opportunity for students heading into Pre-Law.      

Time:  9am-Noon                              Cap:  30 students  

-Wednesday, July 9th—Rocky Mountain College Tour

Come check out a local private college and see what programs they have to offer.  We will be walking from MSU-B to Rocky Mountain college so please wear your walking shoes and bring a water bottle!   

Time:  9:00am-12pm         Cap:  20 students    

-Thursday, July 10th—Federal Law

We have threema different professionals coming in to talk about the careers.  They will also have some fun demonstrations and stories.  The professions include Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI, and a Chief of Police.  This will be a great opportunity to learn about some different policing careers.   

Time:  9am-12pm                                                Cap:  20 students        

-Friday, July 11th—Zoo Montana Service Day

Come help out at Zoo Montana.  Plus, get animal presentation from the education director.  Be prepared to work and provide some service!

Note:  Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet or dirty.  Wear sunscreen and bug spray, and bring your water bottle!

Time:  9am-12pm                                               Cap:  30 students

Psychology and Forensics Week         Days: July 15th - July 18th     Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

-Tuesday, July 15th—Passages Women’s Center

We will be taking a tour of Passages, a women’s prerelease center.  Students will have the opportunity to get a counseling perspective with law.  If you are interested in helping careers and law, this will be something to check out.    

Time:  9am-Noon                                                Cap:  15 students

-Wednesday, July 16th—Forensic Science Lab Day

If you like watching CSI shows, this particular day will interest you.  However, becoming a forensic scientist is much different than what you see on T.V.  We will be doing blood spatter analysis, gun shot analysis, and other crime scene scientific tests.  If you are interested in science and law, this workshop is for you. 

Time:  9am-Noon                                                Cap:  20 students                                                                                                                               

-Thursday, July 17th—Sheridan College Tour and Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument

We are heading to Sheridan to check out the college and learn about their programs.   We will have lunch on campus and then head to the monument.  This will be a great opportunity to check out a college close to Billings and see a little history. 

Time:  8am-5pm                                                 Cap:  40 students

Note:  We will depart promptly at 8am.  Please bring extra money if you wish to buy souvenirs or extra snacks.  Everything else will be provided. 

-Friday, July 18th—Salvation Army Service Day

         Come help make sandwiches, clean-up some trucks and sort and hang clothes.  The Salvation Army needs our help!   

Time:  9:00am-Noon                                          Cap:  30 students

Criminology and Sociology Week         Days: July 22nd - July 25th   Place: Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot

Tuesday, July 22nd—Street Law and MSU-Billings College Tour/Programs

School Resource Officer Langve will be coming in to talk about his job and how  he works with students at the high school level.  Then, we will tour your local college, MSU-Billings  and learn about the Criminology major on campus. 

Time:  9am-Noon                                                Cap:  25 students

-Wednesday, July 23rd—SWAT, Bomb Squad, Task Force, and DEA

Come learn about some specific specialty careers within the police force.  We will head to the police training unit where you will see these people in action and get to hear about their day -to- day jobs.    

Time:  9am-Noon                                                Cap:  20 students                                                                                                                                                       

-Thursday, July 24th—MSU-Bozeman College Tour & Museum of the Rockies

         We will head to Bozeman to tour the campus and visit with the Sociology Department.  Students will also get a special dorm tour.  We will have lunch on campus and then head to the museum where we will get a guided gecko tour and see a planetarium show.  

Time:  7:30am-5:30pm                                                 Cap:  40 students

Note:  We will depart promptly at 7:30am.  Please bring extra money if you would like to buy souvenirs or extra snacks.  

-Friday, July 25th—St. John’s Lutheran Home—BINGO

Come play BINGO with the residents at St. John’s.  This is always a favorite with the students!    

Time:  9:15am-11:45am                          Cap:  30 students

Fundraiser Week                   Days: July July 29th - August 1st   
Place: Please see each date for meeting locations

-Tuesday, July 29th Car Wash (UB/ETS)

Come volunteer and raise money for Educational Talent Search.  These monies go to you for early college classes and other endeavors. 

Time:  10am-2pm                                                     Cap:  30 students

Place:  Meet at Albertson’s in the Heights (670 Main St.) 

Note:  Wear sunscreen!

-Thursday, July 31st—Car Wash (UB/ETS)

Come volunteer and raise money for Educational Talent Search.  These monies go to you for early college classes and other endeavors. 

Time:  10am-2pm                                                     Cap:  30 students

Place:  Meet at Walgreens  (1330 Grand Avenue)

Note:  Wear sunscreen!

-Friday, August 1st—  The Ron Nistler Annual Golf  Tournament and Educator’s Memorial

THIS  EVENT  WILL  BE  RUN P RIMARILY  BY  STAFF.  If you are interested in having a team or donating a hole prize, please call Dan at the office       (657-2179) for information or see our website:


Additional Service Projects for High School Students

If you are interested in participating in some additional service opportunities this summer, please see an ETS advisor for more information.  Some examples include: the Strawberry Festival, MSU-B Night on the Van, and Reading Rocks.


New Student /Parent Meeting

Thursday, June 12th                                 Time:  6:00-7:00pm                 Place:  MSU-Billings, Liberal Arts Building room 148

For new parents and students, we will discuss what Educational Talent Search entails.  We will also go over the summer schedule of activities and answer any questions.  We encourage you to come.  Please call Chris at the office (657-2116) to save a spot!


Summer Fun & Cultural Activities Note:  Students MUST Complete at least 2 (two) Summer activities in order  to participate in  the Bowling and Pizza Fun Day! 

Call the office to sign-up:  657-2116 (ets) or 657-2180(ub)

Sunday, June 29th - Symphony in the Park
Time: 7:00pm   Place: Pioneer Park
Monday, July 14th - Billings Mustangs Game Time: 7:05pm  Place: Dehler Park
(20 tickets available, must pick up your
ticket from the UB/ETS office)
Thursday, July 24th - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
Presents - Romeo and Juliet
Time: 6:00pm  Place: Pioneer Park
Friday, July 25th - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
Presents - As You Like It
Time: 6:00pm  Place: Pioneer Park
Wednesday, July 30th - Bowling and Pizza Fun Day
Time: 11am-1pm  Place: Sunset Bowl
(1625 Central Ave.)
40 spots available





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