E-Learning Operations

Desire2Learn - Modifying ePortfolio Permissions

This is the process for modifying a person's permissions for an ePortfolio project, once you have already given them permissions. This process will work for ePortfolio Artifacts, Collections, and Presentations.

  1. To get to the ePortfolio, click on "ePortfolio" in the "My Settings" widget. You may find the "My Settings" widget on the "MyHome" page or on a "Course Home" page. You may also find a link to the ePortfolio on the NavBar.

    My Setting Widget

  2. This will bring us to the ePortfolio start page. We will be managing a pre-existing presentation. Under "Manage", click on "Presentations".

    Manage Presentations

  3. This will bring to a list of your current presentations. Click on the Key that corresponds to the presentation that you need to change the permissions for.

    Presentation List

  4. Now you should see a list of people who you have given access to your presentation, click on the Key that corresponds to the individual who's permissions you need to edit.

    List of People

  5. Select the permissions you wish to give this individual. For example, to give someone permissions to comment on your presentation, select "Add comments". If you want an individual to "See comments from others" as well, select that permission too.


If you have any questions on setting up an ePortfolio, please contact E-Learning Operations at msubonline@msubillings.edu.

If you have any questions on what needs to go into your portfolio, please contact your instructor.

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