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Desire2Learn - Creating an ePortfolio Presentation

This page is a tutorial on how to get started creating an ePortfolio Presentation. This tutorial assumes that you have uploaded artifacts to your ePortfolio. For specific requirements for your presentation, please contact your instructor, or the intended audience for your presentation.

  1. To get to the ePortfolio, click on "ePortfolio" in the "My Settings" widget. You may find the "My Settings" widget on the "MyHome" page or on a "Course Home" page. You may also find a link to the ePortfolio on the NavBar.

    My Setting Widget

  2. This will bring us to the ePortfolio start page. We will be creating a new Presentation. With that, click on "Presentation" under "Add or Create".

    ePortfolio Start Page

  3. This will bring us to the "Properties" for the new presentation. Just give it a name or click "Save".

    New Presentation Properties Tab

  4. Click on the "Content/Layout" tab.

    Content/Layout Tab

  5. By default, an ePortfolio presentation has one page. We are going to rename this page to be our introduction page. To do this, click on the drop-down box next to "New Page" in the pages column. Then choose "Page Properties". Please see the screen shot below.

    Page Properties

  6. In the "Page Name:" textbox, put in the name of the page. For example, Introduction. Then click "Save".

    Page Properties pop-up

  7. Now, we can add the rest of the pages to the ePortfolio. It is recommended, you create a separate page for the different categories of items you wish to share. For example, I will be creating a portfolio based on some standard. To do that, I will create a page for each standard, e.g. Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3.

    To create a new ePortfolio page, click on the "New Page" icon. Please see the screen shot below for the location of the icon.

    New Page

  8. In the "Page Name:" textbox that will appear, put in the name of the page. For example, Standard 1. Then click "Save".

    Page Properties pop-up

  9. Repeat the last two steps until you have created all of presentation pages you will need.

  10. Once all of your pages are created, you can start to add items to them. We will add an item to the "Introduction" page. To do that, click on the "Introduction" page. Please see the image below.

    Introduction Page

  11. Click on "Add Component" under "Content Area 1". Please see the image below.

    Add Componet

  12. We will be adding a "Text area" to this page. The text area will allow us to just input some stuff directly on the page. The "Text area" editor is the same editor that appears all over Desire2Learn. Other than text, it can be use to embed other things, for example, YouTube videos.

    In the pop-up that appeared click on "Text area".

    Add Content

  13. In the interest of this presentation, we will only be using text. In the pop-up that appears now, fill in the "Area Name:" textbook and place your content in the "Content" area. When you are finished, click "Save and Close". You can also use "Save" to save your progress as you go along.

    Adding Content

  14. Now we can begin to add artifcats. For example, to add an artifact that goes with Standard 1, click on Standard 1 under "Pages". Please see the image below.

    Standard 1

  15. Now click on "Add Component". Please see the image below.

    Add Content

    For Standard 1 and the rest of the standards, we will want to add different artifacts to this page. For example, Standard 1 requires I add a transcript from every school I have attended. Each transcript should be set up to be a different ePortfolio artifact.

    In the pop-up that appears, click on "Artifact" or "Artifact or reflection from a collection" and that will allow you to browser ePortfolio artifacts that you have already uploaded to it.

    Choose Artifact

If you have any questions on setting up an ePortfolio, please contact E-Learning Operations at msubonline@msubillings.edu.

If you have any questions on what needs to go into your portfolio, please contact your instructor.


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