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Getting To Your Course Content
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Downloading Word and PowerPoint Files

Getting To Your Course Content

  1. The first page you will see when you log into Desire2Learn is called the "MyHome" page. Where ever you see a link that says, "My Home" it will bring you back to this page.

    In the "My Courses" section of this page, you should see the title of your courses. Click on the course title to get to the course.

  2. Once in your course, you will see the "Course Home" page. This is the opening page of the course. Where ever you see a link that says, "Course Home" it will bring you back to this page. To get to your course content, click on "Content" in the NavBar (yellow bar, top of the page).

    Course Nav Bar

  3. In the "Content" area, you will see a "Table of Contents." Click on a link to access a topic. For example, to access the "Syllabus" in the image below, click on "Syllabus."

    Table Of Contents

Viewing Content

When you click on a link to view content, it will display like the following image. You will see a "Content Map" in the left panel, and the content in the right panel.


Downloading Word and PowerPoint Files with Internet Explorer

If you have trouble downloading Word and/or PowerPoint files:

  1. You'll see a yellow box that says, "To help protect your security..."
    YellowBar of Doom

  2. Right-click on the yellow bar and select "Download File."
    YellowBar of Doom Downloading File

  3. D2L will reload the "Course Home."

  4. Navigate your way back to the content you are trying to access.

  5. This time a pop-up will appear asking you to open or save this file. If you will want to access this file multiple times, save it. If you are looking at this once, open it.

For "how-to" questions, contact Bill Weber in E-Learning Operations at (406) 657-2191. For log on or username and password issues contact the IT Helpdesk (406) 247-5755.


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