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Viewing items shared with you

There are various ways for you to discover, categorize, follow, and review content shared with you in ePortfolio.


Invites enable you to promote the content you're sharing with specific people. When you share an item with others, you also have the option to send an invite to those you're sharing your item with from the Sharing Settings dialog. See Sending invites for more information.

An invite contains information about who shared the item, when it was shared, what type of item it is, and any description or tags it has. The sender might also include a message letting you know why they shared the item.

When you receive an invite from another user to view an item in their ePortfolio, a notification appears in the Message alerts on the minibar and the invite displays in the Unread Invites area of your dashboard. You might also receive an email informing you of the invite. You can subscribe to the Invite RSS feed from your ePortfolio settings to receive external updates about new invites.


Subscriptions enable you to follow activity on items or from specific people that interest you. You can subscribe to user or item activity from your dashboard, the Explore page, or your invites.

  • Subscribe to an item by clicking Subscribe in the context menu of the item.
  • Subscribe to other users by toggling the Subscribe icon beside their names.

Use the Subscriptions filter on your dashboard to view activity on items or from users you subscribed to. Recent subscription activity also appears in your minibar alerts.

Unsubscribe to items or users by toggling the ​icon or click Unsubscribe.

Friends List

The Friends List filter on the dashboard enables you to view content shared with you or publicly from friends in your pager list.

Minibar alerts

Alerts on the minibar signal new activity related to your subscriptions and invites.

  • The Message alerts display recently received invites.
  • The Update alerts display assessments made on items or by people you've subscribed to.
  • The Subscription alerts display comments made on items or by people you've subscribed to.

Email and SMS notifications

If you want to receive ePortfolio updates externally, use the Notifications tool located in your personal menu on the minibar to set up the following instant notifications:

  • feedback added to subscribed items Receive updates about comments and assessments made on items or by users you've subscribed to.
  • another user has subscribed to your updates  Receive a notification when someone has subscribed to you or one of your items.
  • feedback added to my items Receive updates about comments and assessments made on your items.

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