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Using learning objectives in ePortfolio

Learning objectives are a type of ePortfolio item that enable you to take ownership of your learning by allowing you to manage and track personal learning goals.

You can:

  • Associate learning objectives with artifacts, reflections, collections, and presentations that demonstrate progress toward your learning plan. If you submit a learning objective to a dropbox folder, its associated items go with it.
  • Share learning objectives with rubrics attached to them to generate feedback and informal assessment from other ePortfolio users. (Items associated with a learning objective are not available to others unless you specifically share them.)
  • Display learning objectives in presentations and add them to collections.
  • Submit a learning objective to a dropbox folder for formal assessment. Associated items serve as evidence toward meeting the learning objective.
  • Use learning objectives as an organizational tool by categorizing your ePortfolio items by learning experience.
  • Delete learning objectives that are no longer relevant to your learning path.

Import learning objectives into your ePortfolio

If you are in an independent studies or co-op program, you might have the ability to directly import learning objectives into your ePortfolio.

  1. On the My Items page, click Learning Objective from the Add button.
  2. Click on the course you want to import learning objectives from.
  3. Select the check boxes beside the learning objectives you want to add.
  4. Click Import.

Associate items with learning objectives

Do one of the following:

  • Click Associate Learning Objective from the context menu of an artifact, reflection, collection, or presentation.
  • On the Edit page for an item, click Associate Learning Objectives.
  • On the My Items page, select the items you want to associate with a learning objective, then click  Associate Learning Objective from the More Actions button.