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Optimizing Grades settings for large courses

If your grade book contains a lot of users or grade items, you might find that it loads slowly. Consider the following tips to improve performance.

  • Set the number of users to display per page to a low value.
  • Sort the User List by user instead of grades.
  • View the User List by group or section if possible.
  • Do not show decimal places in the grade book.
  • Do not repeat user details or grade item details in the grade book.
  • Do not repeat the calculated final grade or the adjusted final grade at the start of the grade book.
  • Do not select the Automatically keep final grade updated option.
  • Only display one user detail (i.e., Email, Username, First Name, Last Name) in the grade book.
  • Only display one grade detail (i.e., Points grade, Weighted grade, Grade scheme symbol, Grade scheme color) in the grade book.
  • Only display grade items and categories that you want to edit in Spreadsheet View in the grade book.
  • Do not create unnecessary grade items or categories.
  • Do not create unnecessary Calculated or Formula grade items.
  • Avoid making changes to grade schemes, the grading system, or the final grade calculation type once grades are assigned to users.
  • Only import users and grade items when data has changed.