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The navbar

The navbar contains links to course-specific and organization-wide tools and resources. Each course (or org unit) has its own navbar that links to relevant tools for that course. You can create custom links and link groups if you want to include URL links to third-party tools and other areas of Learning Environment.

Your organization or specific department can share navbars with courses and other org units to ensure consistent branding and navigation. If you have permission to manage navbars, you can use a shared navbar or create a navbar specifically for your course. New course offerings (or org units) use the default navbar set by the organization (or parent org unit).

Note Navbars created at the course level cannot be shared with other courses, but you can create and store them inside a course template to make them available in course offerings that use the course template.

Navbars consist of two components: a theme that controls the look of the navbar, and the navbar itself that controls the links available on the navbar. See Themes for more information on how to create themes for navbars.

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