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Inserting links to presentation pages in content areas

Users can view the various pages of your presentation by clicking the page names in the page navigation panel. You can also link the user to another page within the presentation by adding links to content areas. This provides greater flexibility in customization and organization of your presentation.

For example, a student may have three separate pages on their eportfolio: an About Me page, a personal philosophy page, and her work experience. In the middle of her About Me page, she may reference her skills and insert a custom quicklink to direct readers to her resume for further information.

Link to presentation pages in content areas

  1. Click the Content/Layout tab on the Edit Presentation page.
  2. Click Page Properties from the context menu of the page you want as a link.
  3. Copy the Page Link URL.
  4. Click the page where you want the link to appear.
  5. Click Edit from the context menu of the component you want to add your link to. Add a component to the page if none currently exists.
  6. Insert the link using the URL you copied in step 3 through one of the ways below:
    • Insert a quicklink using the HTML Editor
    • Insert a link using Insert Stuff

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