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Understanding the changes made to exported item properties

Property Notes

Access Log for presentations

Does not include


Does not include

Change Log for Edit permission

Does not include


Includes comments, does not retain commenter's name

Contents of a collection

Includes collection contents only if you export its items at the same time


Includes form artifacts; does not include the form that the artifact is based on

System fields do not maintain their values; the system generates these values based on the user that imports the form

Does not maintain rubrics embedded in a form

Items associated with a reflection

Includes associated items only if you export the items at the same time

Items in a presentation

Includes items within a presentation only if you export the items at the same time


See [item] only

Presentation layout

Navigation settings, page settings, page names, and text areas remain the same

Maintains profile settings, but displays information corresponding to the user who imports the presentation

Presentation theme

Does not include presentation theme; presentations revert to the default theme of the system on import

Reflections associated with an artifact

Includes associated reflections only if you export the reflections at the same time

Rubrics associated with an item

Does not include

Tag lists for a collection (dynamic collections)

Does not retain tag lists; all collections become static on export