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How legacy navbars and themes are migrated

Legacy themes are navbar templates created prior to Learning Environment 9.0. Legacy themes appear similar to current themes, but legacy themes were built on an older technology still supported by the current Learning Environment.

The new Navigation & Themes tool allows greater design flexibility, and supports a variety of layouts you can use to style navbars. Your navbars and legacy themes are automatically migrated when you upgrade from a pre-Learning Environment 9.0 release to Learning Environment 9.0 or later. You can still edit and share legacy themes, however, your ability to copy these items is restricted.

Legacy themes

Legacy themes are still supported in Learning Environment 10, and they are listed in the same location as the new themes. If you select a legacy theme to edit it, you are taken to the legacy Edit Theme page. You can only use the legacy Edit Theme page for migrated legacy themes; you cannot create new themes based on the legacy tool. We recommend that you recreate legacy themes in the current Navigation & Themes tool for improved accessibility and flexible layout options.

Be aware that we cannot validate your navbar themes that use custom HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. It is possible that invalid markup can cause a navbar to render incorrectly in some browsers.

Migrated navbars

All your existing navbars are migrated to the new Navigation & Themes tool. Your theme, name, description, links, and title are maintained.

The following applies to migrated navbars:

  • The navbar set as the active navbar for a course or My Home before an upgrade is maintained as the active navbar for the course or My Home in the upgraded site.
  • The navbar set as the Course Default at the organization level before an upgrade is maintained as the course default in the upgraded site.

Your navbars will be fully migrated and should work seamlessly in the new Navigation & Themes tool.