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Getting additional support

If you are having difficulty using Learning Environment to complete your course work, consider seeking help from MSUB Disability Support Services or your assistive technology’s help documentation.

  • Disability Support Services  The staff works with Facility Services for issues related to physical access and faculty for issues related to course content. Common adjustments are accessible technology, such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text programs, textbooks and tests in audio format, students who voluntarily share their class notes, large print copies or copies on colored paper, sign language interpreting, captioned videos and online lectures, and extra time and access to accessible technology for taking tests. There are four testing rooms in the DSS office In the College of Education where students can take tests utilizing the technology in a reduced-distraction environment. An Accessible Technology Room on the first floor of the library is also available to all students registered with DSS. It includes a quiet study area and computers with various kinds of software for student use. The same accommodations are available at City College where the testing center is utilized instead of DSS testing rooms.
  • Assistive Technology  There is a wealth of assistive technology products available to help people use computers and the internet. A few examples include: special keyboards and mice, speech recognition software, screen magnifiers, screen readers, and Braille displays. Investing the time to find the hardware and software that is right for you, and then learning how to use it effectively, is worthwhile. Take advantage of help documentation and tutorials to learn commands, shortcuts, frequent tasks, and special tips.