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Editing group enrollment in restricted discussion areas

You can edit group enrollment in restricted discussion forums and topics in the Groups tool. You can add, edit, or delete forums or topics restricted by group in the Discussions tool. See Setting group and section restrictions for a discussion forum or topic for more information.

Edit group enrollment in restricted discussion areas

  1. On the Manage Groups page, select the category that contains the discussion forum you want to edit from the View Categories drop-down list.
  2. Select  Edit Category from the context menu of the category.
  3. On the Edit Category page, click the Edit Discussion Restrictions link.
  4. Select the forum you want to make changes to in the Forum drop-down list or select "All Forums" to edit multiple forums at once.
  5. Select and clear the check boxes in the Edit Restrictions grid to modify group enrollment in discussion forums and topics.
  6. Select Automatically create restricted topics if you want to add topics to the forums.
  7. Click Save.

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