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Editing display options for items

  1. On the Content/Layout tab, open the context menu beside an item.
  2. Click Edit Display Options.
  3. Change the Title or Description of the item, if desired.

    Note  This will only change the title or description within the presentation.

  4. Choose whether you want the artifact to display in-place or as a link (if applicable).

    NoteYou can display the following file types in-place: HTML, BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG. Flash and QuickTime file formats require corresponding browser plugins.

  5. Choose whether you want to auto-fit the artifact to the content area it displays in, or maintain its original size (if applicable).
  6. Select which reflections associated with the artifact to display in the presentation (if applicable).
  7. Select the appropriate options related to displaying comments and assessments.

    Note  The Comments enabled check box on the Edit Display options page corresponds to the Comments Enabled check box that appears on the Content/Layout tab. Selecting one enables the other and vice versa.

  8. Click Save.