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Creating a navbar

At the organization level, navbars listed on the Navbars page display information about whether a navbar is shared to other org units, and how many of them have the navbar set to Active. At the course offering level, all navbars listed on the Navbars page display information about whether they are shared from another org unit (such as a department, course template, or the organization), and the name of the org unit sharing the navbar. If you have permission to manage shared navbars, the name of the org unit sharing its navbar becomes a link to the Navbars page where the navbar was created.

You can only share navbars with child org units below the org unit in which they were created. For example, if you create a navbar in a department you can only share it with all courses in that department.

  • You cannot add all tools and functionality to a navbar. Some tools are only accessible in widgets and on the minibar.
  • Since the minibar contains links to My Home, courses, Email, Pager, and user settings, the links on your navbar should primarily be tools participants need to complete course work.

Create a navbar

  1. On the Navbars page, click Create Navbar.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for your navbar.
  3. If you are creating a navbar at the organization, department, or course template level, select Share with child org units to share the navbar.
  4. If you want to select a different navbar theme, click Change Theme.
  5. Click Create Custom Link in a link area if you want to create and add a custom link to the area. Complete the Create Custom Link form and click Create.
  6. Click Add Links in a link area to add existing links and link groups to a navbar. Select the check boxes beside the links you want to add and click Add. Click and drag a link to move it to a different link area or reorder it within the same link area.

    Note The list of links available depends on the tools your organization uses, the custom links and link groups available, and the tools enabled for your course. See Setting up course tools for more information about course tool availability.

    Tip Add the Admin Tools link to a link area to access the Admin Tools menu. You can use this link to replace the Admin Tools widget, or include it as an additional access point.

  7. If your navbar theme includes a Title panel, you can click on it to modify the title displayed. Make your changes and click Hide Properties.
  8. Consider renaming each link area's heading to provide better wayfinding language for screen reader users. See Renaming a link area on the navbar for more information about renaming link areas.
  9. Click Save and Close.

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