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Creating custom navbar links

Create and add custom links to navbars to provide users with direct URL links to third-party tools, and other areas of Learning Environment. If you edit a custom link, changes are reflected in the navbars and org units currently using the link.

Create a custom link

  1. Click Custom Links from the tool navigation.
  2. On the Custom Links page, click Create Link.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for your link.
  4. Click Browse or Choose Existing in the Icon field to add an icon image to your custom link.
  5. If you have permission to share custom links, you have the option to select the Share with child org units check box.
  6. Enter your link in the URL field, or click Insert Quicklink.
  7. Select how your custom link opens from the Behavior drop-down list.

    Note If you want to open the link in a "new window", you can specify the new window's Width, Height, and Browser Attributes.

  8. Click Save.