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Changing the presentation theme

Themes are default style templates that give your presentations a consistent look and feel. Themes are comprised of styles which control one aspect of the design. For example, there are separate styles that control the look of titles, links, dates, and images.

Your organization provides presentation themes, but you may be able to change some or all aspects of a theme.

Choose a theme

  1. On the Edit Presentation page, click the Theme tab.
  2. Click Select beside the theme you want to apply to your presentation.

Modify a theme

  1. Click the Edit styles icon beside your current theme.
  2. Select the page element you want to modify.

    Tip Use the Filter drop-down list to view specific groupings of elements.

  3. Use the options that appear under the Preview area to edit the style.
  4. Repeat for remaining elements.
  5. Click Save.