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Advanced properties and additional options when setting up groups

Advanced properties

Auto-enroll new users New users are automatically added to the group with the least users, or to a new group if the maximum size of all existing groups has been met.

Use this option when you don’t want to manually add new users to groups.

Note If you choose the enrollment type Groups of # you might end up with a group that has only one or a few users in it. You can manually change group enrollment, including adding users to full groups, using the Enroll Users page. See Enrolling users in sections for more information.

Randomize users in groups Users are added to groups based on a random order. If this option is not selected, users are added to groups alphabetically based on their order in the classlist.

Additional Options

Set up discussion areas Allows you to select or create group specific discussion forums and topics.

Use this option when you want users to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss material using the Discussions tool.

Set up lockers Allows you to create a locker area for each group.

Use this option when you want users to store their work in a group work area where other members of the group can view and modify it.

Set up dropbox folders Allows you to create dropbox folders for each group. A group can have multiple dropbox folders belonging to different categories.

Use this option when you want each group to have its own dropbox folder submissions area. This could be helpful if different users are responsible for grading different groups.