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Additional options on the Final Grades page

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View grades by group or section

Select “Groups” or “Sections” from the View By drop-down list.

Clear adjusted final grades

Do one of the following:

  • Select the users whose grades you want to clear and click Clear.
  • Click Clear all from the Final Grades context menu.

Leave general feedback for all users

  1. Click Show details and overall comments to expand the comments section.
  2. Enter comments in the text field.

Leave feedback for a specific user

Click the Enter Comments icon for the user.

Note Final grade comments are not released to users until you release the final grade.

Email users about their final grades

Select the users you want to email and click Email.

Enter a common adjusted grade for multiple users

  1. Select the users you want to assign a common grade for and click Grade.
  2. Enter the grade.
  3. Click Save.

Change the number of users displayed per page

Select a value from the per page drop-down list.

View the Final Grades Event Log

Click Event Log from the Final Grades context menu.

View a user’s Event Log

Click the Event Log icon for the user.

View statistics for a grade item or a user’s final grades

On the Manage Grades page, click View Statistics from the menu beside the item or category you want to see statistics for.