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Alternative Testing Procedures


Students who receive alternative testing accommodations as determined by the DSS Director or Coordinator should do the following:


Inform the instructor that you are registered with DSS and receive alternative testing as an accommodation.


Schedule exams at least one week in advance and note on the test request form any special accommodations needed.  This ensures that DSS has time to get the test from the Instructor and that a testing room and special accommodations are available. (assistive technology, software, equipment, etc.) Test request forms available online.  Go to www.msubillings.edu/dss and click on Forms, then on Testing Accommodation Requests for tests in DSS office.



 Arrive at the scheduled time.  Tests are often scheduled back-to-back in the testing rooms, and you may not get your full time if another test is scheduled immediately following yours.


Notify instructors and DSS if a test time needs to be changed due to a conflict with other classes.

Instructors must give permission for a student to make up a test if the student is unable to take the test during the scheduled time.

The rules of the classroom apply in the testing rooms.  Smoking breaks aren’t appropriate.  Use the restroom before testing.  (Some physical conditions are accommodated by restroom availability.)

All possessions must be left outside the testing area.  This includes backpacks, coats, hats, cell phones, etc. There are hooks in the hallway outside the testing rooms. Students may request secured areas for valuables.


If supplemental materials are permitted for tests (calculator, open book, open notes, etc.), ask the instructor to include that information in writing with the test. Students found with unauthorized instructional materials will be referred to the instructor.

DSS staff is not authorized to modify instructions given by the instructor.


To request extra time for tests in online classes go to www.msubillings.edu/dss and click on Forms.  Download a copy of the request form.  The form needs to be completed for each class and copies need to be sent to the Director of DSS.  This must be done at the beginning of the semester.