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Academic Support Center Business
Allied Health Professions City College
Arts & Sciences Education
College of Allied Health Professions
Gabel, Dr.""Kathe - Dept. Chair, Professor
Lord, Dr.""Russell - Professor
Morgan, Dr.""Loretta - Lecturer
College of Arts & Sciences
Aryal, Dr.""Saroj - Assistant Professor
Behm, Dr.""Gary - Emeritus Professor, Clarinet and Saxophone
Bellinger, Dr.""Nisha - Assistant Professor
Castles, Dr.""Carl - Assistant Professor, Human/Animal Physiology Biology
Chen, Dr.""Oliver Y.K. - Professor of Mathematics
Coffman, Dr.""Stephen L - Professor
Cromley, Ms.""Dorothea - Department Chair; Professor of Music, Piano
Devitt, Mr.""Matt - Adjunct Faculty - Percussion
Earnhart, Mr.""Mark - Assistant Professor
Edgerton, Dr.""Keith - Department Chair, Professor
Fenderson, Dr.""Mark - Assistant Professor, High Brass
Gilbertz, Dr.""Susan - Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Gross, Dr.""Daniel - Professor
Hardt, Dr.""Mark - Associate Professor of Sociology
Hatch, Dr.""Doxey - Professor
Havens, Dr.""Michael - Department Chair; Professor
Hoover, Dr.""John - Associate Professor
Jacobson, Dr.""Mark - Professor, Mathematics
Keller, Dr.""Sarah - Dept. Chair; Associate Professor
Kemmerer, Dr.""Lisa - Associate Professor, Philosophy
Kestner, ""Luke - Adjunct Faculty, Percussion
Khaleel, Dr.""Tasneem - Professor, Botany, Biology
Knobel, Ms.""Sarah - Assistant Professor
Knobel, Mr.""David - Instructor
Lightner, Ms.""Jodi - Assistant Professor
Logan, Ms.""Sue - Adjunct Faculty - Oboe
Lynn, Dr.""Jennifer - Assistant Professor
McBride, Dr.""Maggie - Dept. Chair; Associate Professor of Mathematics
McMullen, Dr.""Matthew - Professor
Nagel, Mr.""Doug - Assistant Professor, Voice
Roberts, Mr.""John - Assistant Professor, Low Brass
Rust, Dr.""Tom - Associate Professor
Tilton, Ms.""Melinda - University Lecturer
Vettel-Becker, Dr.""Patricia - Dept. Chair, Professor of Art
Wiatr, Dr.""Stanley - Dept. Chair; Associate Professor, Plant Physiology, Biology
Wilathgamuwa, Dr.""Don Gayan - Assistant Professor
Zuidema, Ms.""Jeannie - Adjunct Faculty - Keyboard Harmony, Form & Style
College of Business
Amundson, Mr.""Gary - Adjunct Instructor, Business/Finance
Campbell, Mr.""Michael - Department Chair, Professor, Accounting, CPA
Farsio, Dr.""Farzad - Professor Emeritus, Economics, Finance
Fazel, Dr.""Shokoofeh - Adjunct Associate Professor, Economics/Finance
Gurney, Mr.""Brian - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Management
Harris, Dr.""R. Scott - Associate Professor, Economics
Heiat, Dr.""Abbas - Professor, Information Systems
Heiat, Dr.""Nafisseh - Professor, Information Systems
Johnson, Dr.""Debra - Associate Professor, Accounting/Business Law, CPA
Larsen, Dr.""Don - Associate Professor, Management
Leonard, Dr.""Jennifer - Associate Professor, Management
McNally, Dr.""Mary - Professor of Management
Otjen, Dr.""A.J. - Associate Professor, Marketing
Rickard, Dr.""Scott - Director, Center for Applied Economic Research
College of Education
McEnany, Dr.""Judith - Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Miller, Dr.""Ken - Dept. Chair; Professor, Science Education
Snow, Dr.""David - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
Young-Pelton, Dr.""Cheryl - Assistant Professor, Special Education; ABA
City College
Alexander, Mr.""Duane - Instructor, Auto Body Collision/Repair
Bauer, Mr.""Paul - Instructor, Drafting and Design
Fullon, Ms.""Elizabeth - Instructor, General & Related Education
Gurchiek, Dr.""David - Dept. Chair, Nursing, Health and Public Safety; Director, Paramedic Program
McDade, Ms.""Julie - Instructor, General & Related Education
Pedula, Ms.""Barb - Instructor, General & Related Education
Pierce, Mr.""Richard - Dept. Chair, General Education, Transfer and Learner Support; Instructor, Mathematics
Schmitz, Mr.""Randy - Instructor, Business/Accounting
Stewart, Mrs.""Chairsty - Dept. Chair
Sullivan, Mr.""Andrew - Instructor, Process Plant Technology
Urbaniak, Mr.""Tim - Instructor, Drafting & Design
Zabrocki, Ms.""Vivian - Math Instructor
Academic Support Center
Stewart, Mrs.""Chairsty - Instructor

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