(AKA Steering Committee on Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities Accreditation Visit)

The CQI Steering Committee is a team of faculty and staff that was appointed by the Provost in early September 2005. It is charged to oversee the following activities by serving as a Communication Nerve Center to build a sustainable vehicle that will carry MSUB to the future:

  • Continuous Quality Improvement activities
  • Position MSUB for fall 2008 NW Commission accreditation campus visit.
  • Position MSUB for Programmatic Accreditations and the Board of Regents program review mandates.
  • Develop operational guidelines to Integrate the university’s values (who are we?), mission (what do we claim to do), integrity (are we doing it), effectiveness (How well are we doing it), and evaluation (How do we know).
  • Understand the needs of the people who are served by MSUB.
  • Identify and define measures of success.
  • Brainstorm potential change strategies for improvement.
  • Plan, collect, and use data for facilitating effective decision making.
  • Apply the scientific method to test and refine changes.
  • To gather evidence (Acquire knowledge of the system needing improvement and collect data) and conduct analysis (what do the data tell us) for future planning (what are we doing as a result).

The Committee (*Co-chairs)

Dr. Barber, Michael, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Barfield, Eakle, Director, Facilities Services

Mr. Campbell, Michael, College of Business (Accounting)

Mr. Carr, Robert, Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies and Lifelong Learning

*Dr. Fishbaugh, Mary Susan, Interim Dean, College of Education

Mr. Gagnon, Vern, Instructor, Automotive Technology

Dr. Heikel, Karen, Dean, College of Professional Studies and Lifelong Learning

Dr. Hobbs, Sharon, College of Education (Education), ex-officio

Ms. Howell, Jane, Director, Library Services

*Dr. Khaleel, Tasneem, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Dr. Klippenstein, Stacy, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ms. Martinez, Valerie, Associate Dean, College of Technology

Dr. Redinger, Matt, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (History)

Mr. Roberts, Brent, Associate Director, Library Services

Ms. Rukstad, Patty, Administrative Associate, CQI/NWCCU Office

Dr. Schaffer, Rachel, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (English)

Dr. Steerey, Lorrie, College of Business (Information Systems)

Mr. Sullivan, David, Counselor, Graduate Studies

Mr. Tirrell, Tim, Director, Online Learning Operations

Ms. Weatherwax-Ripley, Sharon, Director of Outreach, College of Professional Studies

Ms. Wham, Linda, Institutional Research Analyst, Information Technology

Dr. White, George, Interim Provost and Academic Vice Chancellor


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