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See the introduction to the program and the application process in the paragraphs below.

Application process and forms for Fall 2015 will be posted here soon.
Site Visit Scheduling Procedure
Radiologic Technology Curriculum

 2014 Radiologic Technology Application Process

This web site is designed for students that are in the process of applying to the City College at MSU Billings Radiologic Technology Program. This site includes a copy of the program application, program curriculum, application time line and notices of concern to those applying to the program.  These pages will be updated or pages added to this site as they are finalized.   Your program prerequisite courses must be completed before you can make an application to the clinical part of the program. To make application to this program you must also be registered as a student with City College. You may apply for admission to the college on line or call the City College at (406) 247-3000. This program is a fall start program which means the clinical part of the program will start at the beginning of the fall semester, and those students will graduate at the end of spring semester. If you have any questions concerning the program prerequisite courses or registration, contact Kirtlye Schuman at (406) 247-3020 or

The City College at MSU Billings Radiologic Technology Program is a competitive program and the following selection process will be used to select those students who will continue into the clinical courses in Radiologic Technology starting September 3, 2014. Admission into this program involves two phases.  Phase One is a point system that will be used to select the 20 to 24 applicants that will progress to Phase Two of the selection process.  Details of the point system used for this process are included in the Radiologic Technology Application on this web site. Phase Two involves a personal interview with the six member Radiologic Technology Selection Committee. The exact days of the interviews will be posted on this site when confirmed.  Those students selected from Phase Two will become the new Radiologic Technology class of 2014-2016 and they will start their clinical courses in the fall semester of 2014.  The decision of the selection committee is final. 

It is very important that applicants to this program have a good understanding of the job responsibilities and what is involved in being a radiologic technologist.  In order to assure this understanding, as part of the application process you are required to perform a site visit at a radiology department.  You will need to schedule a site visit at one of the Billings hospital radiology departments and spend at least four hours "job shadowing" a radiologic technologist.  If you do not live in Billings, you may conduct your site visit at a radiology department at a hospital in your area.  At the end of your site visit, be sure to have the radiologic technologist sign you site visit form.  I recommend you do your site visit at a larger hospital as you will have a more complete understanding of the radiology profession.  If you are re-applying to the program you should plan to make another site visit or discuss this issue with the program director.  The procedure for scheduling a site visits is in the Sight Visit Scheduling Procedure link at the top of this web page.

It is also very important that you understand what is involved in providing quality patient care.  Patient care, and how you treat your patient, is just as important as the quality of the x-ray images you produce.  Therefore, it is important that you have experience in patient care. This patient care experience can include nursing home or CNA patient care, working with patients in a hospital or clinical setting or a significant amount of volunteer work. This experience should involve direct contact with patients.  Not everyone is suited for work with ill patients and you need to have some idea if this is really something you want to do. 

If you have not taken a physics class in high school or college, it is strongly recommended that you complete a 3 credit  college  course in physics.  For those attending MSU-Billings, I recommend PHXS 103 Our Physical World.  This physics course is NOT a required pre-requisite course but the knowledge obtained from this course will be very helpful when taking the two physics courses, AHXR 108 and AHXR 225, which are part of the program curriculum.  It is also recommended that you take Anatomy and Physiology II before you make application to the program.  Completing either of these two course can earn you 1/4 point each in the Phase I point system.

If you have decided to apply to this program, you should register with the MSU-Billings City College so that we have your contact information should there be any changes in the program.  If either your permanent or current contact information changes, please contact contact Kirtlye Schuman at (406) 247-3020 or to update your information.  In most cases this site will contain the most complete and up to date information about the application process.  

Radiologic Technology applications can be turned in ton the City College campus, Health Sciences Building room 200; Jeanie Ullman, Health Science Building, room 226; or Jackets Central in the City College Tech Building.  Application must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. on May 16, 2014.  Applications may be sent by mail to City College, Radiologic Technology, 3803 Central Avenue, Billings,  Montana 59102.   The application on the web site is a PDF version that can be filled out on line and printed.  You may not be able to save this PDF so be sure to print each page as you complete it.  If you have any question or concerns about the application process, or the program, please contact Mick Ender or Kirtlye Schuman. 

Note: Contents of this site are subject to change. 

Damien Brockel, MS, BSRT(R) (ARRT), CIIP
  Director/Instructor, Radiologic Technology
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