Recent Photos


Updated picture of the family. (from left to right) Mitz, Quincy, and Sky.

This is our newest addition, Sky, she is a pound puppy...about 5 years old....very well mannered.

This is our baby......he moves so much I can't get a clear picture! Quincy is an abandoned puppy we got from Help for Homeless Pets.

This is the Bay Bridge in San Francisico from SBC Ball Park. We went there for our year anniversary.

Shelley and I at the Pacific in San Francisco.

Everyone has to get a cool shot of the Golden Gate when in SF.....I think this is the best one I took

San Francisco from the Bay.

San Francisco skyline at sunset from Lombard St.

Shelley and I ON SBC field. We happened to get there on photo day so we got on the field and saw several players.

This is Mitz (her Mittens). She was my wife's Christmas present from me. Why didn't anyone stop me? :)

Shelley and I at Coors Field in Denver (Rockies-Giants game).

This is a picture from a hike to Lake Mary on the West Fork of Rock Creek by Derek Oaks. He has photos on the web at

This is Lake Mary with Whitetail Peak in the background by Derek Oaks

A friend's (Paul & Trina) wedding, we had a golf scramble tourney.

Nick, Aaron, Ted, and myself

Shelley and I at the Atlantic in New Hampshire.



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