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City College Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Submittal Process

Revised September 14, 2007

The following information is a description of the Curriculum Submission Process. Please read the following guidelines in preparation for submitting all curriculum proposals to the City College Curriculum Committee.

  • Print all completed curriculum forms on white paper.  Do not use duplex printing and do not staple the forms, please use a paper-clip instead.  Be sure to sign each cover-letter as originating faculty and have the Department Chair/Team Leader and Associate Dean sign the forms. 

o       All forms can be found at:

o       Please provide an over-all summary with your submissions.  The summary should detail the changes, additions, and reasoning behind the proposed changes.  There is no standard form used for creating this summary document.

o       Please create and provide 2 documents, one showing the current plan of study and the other showing the proposed plan of study.  Clearly label the plans of study as Current and Proposed.  Please highlight the proposed changes on the Proposed Plan of Study. 

o       If you have them, please provide all references and supporting documentation.

o       In addition to the cover documents, for every new course and course change, you must include a "Course Outline" form.

o       For new programs, you must include a course outline and syllabus for each class.

  • Submit printed materials in a folder to your Department Chair/Team Leader and Associate Dean for review and signature.
  • After the Department Chair/Team Leader and Associate Dean have signed the forms, please submit documents to the Dean's Administrative Assistant.
  • To be placed on the meeting agenda, submissions must be received one week prior to the each regularly schedule City College Curriculum Committee meeting.  Late submissions will be considered at the next scheduled meeting.
  • In addition to the hard copies of documents, please email the electronic versions to the Dean's Administrative Assistant.
  • To avoid having multiple electronic versions of the documents, the Dean's Administrative Assistant will scan the original documents and send them to the COT curriculum committee secretary.  The original documents will remain with the Dean's Administrative Assistant.  The Dean’s Administrative Assistant has the ability to make minor editorial changes as necessary.  (i.e. Capitalization, Grammar, Punctuation)
  • The City College Curriculum Committee secretary will distribute the documents to members of the committee for review.
  • The documents will then be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee at the next meeting.  A vote will be made to approve for immediate advancement to the Dean for approval, provisionally approve the documents pending minor editorial changes or return the curriculum proposal for further clarification.  The Dean’s Administrative Assistant will make minor editorial changes and forward to the Dean for review and approval. 
  • Dean's Administrative Assistant will print the documents on the appropriate colored paper.  Once all approval signatures have been obtained and the Dean has approved, the Dean's Administrative Assistant will send them forward to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.
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