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City College at MSU Billings

City College Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Change Checklist

Revised: September 2014

_____ 1.

First, discuss any curriculum changes needed with your Center/Department Chair, the Associate Dean and faculty in your program and/or center. Also discuss changes with your Program Advisory Committee.

_____ 2

Complete the appropriate curriculum change proposal forms. As needed, make use of the following documents located on the MSU Billings Academic Senate and City College Curriculum Committee’s web sites. 

_____ 3.

Contact any City College Curriculum Committee (CCCC) member as necessary for assistance.

_____ 4.

Fill out the appropriate curriculum forms, available on the MSU-B web site.

Submit the fully-developed curriculum change proposal and all forms (on white paper) to your Center/Department Chair and then to the Associate Dean for review and signature.

If your proposal affects courses delivered by another program or department, you also have to obtain necessary initials on the "Affected Departments Initial" form line.

_____ 5.

Submit signed copies and soft (electronic) copies of your proposal to the Committee co-chairs. E-mail or The Committee co-chairs will scan the documents and send them to the City College Curriculum Committee Secretary.

_____ 6.

You and your Center/Department Chair will be invited to meet with the City College Curriculum Committee meeting.

_____ 7.

During the meeting, the ex officio members and the Curriculum Committee will discuss the proposal and recommend changes. Minor changes may be made during first reading. Major rewrites or unresolved issues will require a second reading for committee review.

_____ 8.

The committee will vote on the proposal.

 If the proposal is approved, proceed to the next step.

 If the proposal is not approved, the committee will make recommendations for further action.

_____ 9.

Once approved, the Committee chair will print the course proposal forms on the appropriate color paper and obtain signatures:

a. Submitting Faculty

b. Center/Department Chair

c. Associate Dean

d. City College Curriculum Committee Chair

e. Dean of the College

_____ 10.

The Dean’s Administrative Assistant will send the original signed packet and soft (electronic) copies of your proposal to:

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Rita RabeMeduna Administrative Support Academic Senate McMullen Hall, Room 214 657-1676

_____ 11.

Your proposal will be reviewed for first reading at an Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) meeting. You are required to attend.

_____ 12.

If approved by the UCC, the proposal will be sent to the Academic Senate for review/approval. You (or a representative) are required to attend. When you receive notification of this approval, proceed to the next step.

_____ 13.

If necessary, notify the MSU-Billings Bookstore (Jacket’s & Company West) if your curriculum change alters your book order for the upcoming semester.

_____ 14.

Update your program's advising sheet and provide a copy to New Student Services and the Academic Advising Office.


Congratulations!  You made it!

City College 406-247-3000 | Senior Campus 406-657-2158 or 1-800-565-6782
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