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Service Learning

Service Learning is an educational experience and a teaching method that focuses on learning through community projects.  Projects enable students to apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to benefit the community while students gain a deeper understanding of course content and the importance of civic engagement.

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Is my project Service Learning?

  • Is it strongly connected to course objectives?
  • Is it required of all students in the class and clearly outlined in the syllabus?
  • Does it benefit the community?
  • Is the project academically rigorous?
  • Are the students required to formally reflect on the project?
  • Is there a formal assessment of the project (the grade is based on learning, not on service)?

If you are teaching a course with a service learning component, please click here to report to the Office for Community Involvement and the Service Learning Coordinator!

Service Learning…..How does it Connect?

Service Learning enhances MSU Billings’ Core Purpose, Mission and Core Values by:

  • Providing exceptional and excellent teaching
  • Engaging civic responsibility
  • Promoting intellectual, cultural, social and economic community enhancement
  • Translating knowledge into practice
  • Accepting leadership for intellectual, cultural, social and economic development beyond University boundaries


Service Learning Fellows Program

Congratulations to Lynne Fitzgerald and Lisa Kemmerer for being selected to serve as the Service Learning Fellows for the 2015-2016 academic year! Each will receive a $1,500 grant use that may be used to fund their projects or support travel to Service Learning conferences.

Service Learning In Action

Outdoor Adventure Course City College Construction-Carpentry Course Math Education Course


Academic Service Learning

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