Office for Community Involvement

Service Learning Fellows Program $1,500 Grant

The purpose of this grant is to recognize and reward faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in facilitating service learning in their courses while exposing students to service learning principles. Faculty members selected as Service Learning Fellows will be encouraged to commit to leadership roles in the field of Service Learning at MSU Billings.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit complete proposals to the Office for Community Involvement, SUB 223, by Friday, April 18, 2014. The application will consist of the following components:

1. An application cover sheet.
2. A two to four page description of the applicant’s:
  a. Service Learning course description(s) indicating
    i. Ongoing civic engagement activity(ies),
    ii. Syllabus(es) that reflect Service Learning requirements,
    iii. Evidence that learning has been assessed by the instructor, community partner and/or students,
    iv. The community partner with whom students have worked
    v. And sustainability or follow-up methods employed,
  b. Notice of any articles and/or texts on Service Learning experiences submitted and accepted for publication.
  c. Professional presentations of Service Learning work.
  d. Personal statement describing applicant’s rationale for qualifying for the Fellows Program.


3. A budget for how applicant plans to disperse the award (no more than one page).
  Expected Uses of Funds:
  a. No funds may be used for salaries, honoraria or compensation to individuals working on Service Learning projects.
  b. Funds may be used for travel needed to provide the service.
  c. Funds may be used for materials, supplies, publicity, printing and postage.
  d. Funds may be used to travel to conferences where work will be presented. 
4. Statement of support from applicant’s department chair and dean. 

The award recipient will be expected to:

  1. Present their work at the annual statewide Service Learning Colloquium.
  2. Participate in Lunch and Learn sessions for potential community partners and new service learning faculty.
  3. Actively participate on the Service Learning Advisory Board.
  4. Be part of the fall Service Learning Panel Discussion. 
  5. Mentor instructors interested in beginning Service Learning courses. 
  6. Serve as a Service Learning Fellow during the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 academic year.
  7. Work with the Service Learning Coordinator to help promote Service Learning at MSUB.

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